Gift Bongani Ndebele – Harry and Sons Driving School

Contact details:

Office no – 0119881051 or 011988760

Fax no: 0866518465

Cell 083 668 4831

Gift Bongani Ndebele has run his well-established driving school in Soweto for many years. It is conveniently situated on a main road just inside the entrance to the area.

It is called Harry and Sons Driving School.

He operates in Soweto, Roodepoort, Randburg, Langlaagte generally Gauteng, and offers Codes “A”, “B” and C1.”

Harry and Son driving school vehicles

Harry and Son is a family founded business that originated in Soweto in 1968, under the astute eye of Mr. Harry Ndebele. On inception Harry and Son offered a driving school for light & heavy motor vehicles. In those days not many Black people were in possession of a motor vehicle but Harry saw a business opportunity that would survive for many years to come.

In 1994, Harry introduced his son, Mr. Gift Bongani Ndebele to the business. He saw the need to introduce innovative ideas into the business. With Bongani on board, the idea was to remain a leading driving school in Soweto, whilst ensuring sound service delivery to all clients.

In 2006, Bongani introduced biking lessons to the company, which has proved to be a lucrative additional service due to the exponential growth and interest in the Black community to biking.

Light Motor Vehicle Training

Our Light Motor Vehicle Training is geared towards preparing the driver for a code 8 drivers licence. Our experienced instructors teach learners from the basics of starting a car, leading up until one has acquired the necessary skills to drive on a public road. Learners are advised to embark on at least 20 lessons to ensure that the required skills levels are achieved. All of our vehicles have dual controls to maximise on security for our inexperienced learners.

Heavy Motor Vehicle Training

In the Heavy Motor vehicle training, training in a code 10 vehicle that has dual controls is conducted. This is to ensure that the learner develops the ability and courage to manoeuvre a vehicle of this size. We currently suggest that learners take approximately 20 lessons to achieve the confidence and necessary skills.

Motorcycle Rider Training

Beginner Riding Courses

The Beginner Riding Course is designed for those individuals who have never had the

opportunity to ride a bike before. The qualified instructors give attention, encouragement and quality training to such persons. The course is also ideal to those riders that have not mounted a bike in quite a while and need a “refresher” course. The recommended duration for the Beginner Riding Course is five one hour lessons.

Intermediate Riding Courses

Riders that are familiar with the basics of riding are recommended to embark on the

Intermediate Riding Course. On this course, riders are trained on more cautionary and advanced driving techniques i.e. emergency swerving and handling of various road surfaces. The course is completed within a one day period.

K53 Licence Training

The K53 Licence Training focuses on technical aspects that one requires for a drivers/riding test e.g. One would be tested on left turns, change to the right, speed management & control, incline starts and emergency swerves and brakes. This process is conducted step by step by our proficient Instructors. The training is ordinarily embarked within a three hour period.