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Chris Barnard has been running his driving school (BFN Driving School), for many years, in fact, since 1985! Imagine how many good riders and drivers he has released onto our roads, and that is our very awesome responsibility as SAIDI Members. We believe the root cause of poor driving standards is in poor driver training. Chris is very serious and dedicated. He has also qualified as an accredited Assessor.

 Chris Barnard               BFN-Car

 Chris is a very courteous man, with a lovely sense of humour. He is gentle and

appreciative, always bringing out the best in everyone he speaks to. He frequently brightens our days by sending a highly amusing video, or funny road sign, very often about driving. His lovely wife is his friend and partner in life.

His instructor’s certificate is valid for Codes A and A1, as well as Code B.

He has been appointed as our representative in the Free State, and looks forward to the day when other colleagues join him as registered SAIDI members, complying with our Code of Conduct and Constitution as we strive to help to regulate the driving school industry all over the country, together with the authorities.

BFN School of Driving guarantees that your instructor will provide you with the best possible guidance and assistance on a one to one basis in order to obtain your legal drivers licence successfully.

They offer:

  • K53 based learner’s licence lessons
  • K53 driving lessons for Codes A and A1
  • Client evaluation is done on a continuous basis
  • To pick up their clients at their place of preference within their region
  • To accommodate their clients’ needs, as far as possible.

Chris has supplied SAIDI with his valid instructor’s certificates, his certified identity book, his application form agreeing to operate within our Code of Conduct, and his membership fees are up to date. Well done Chris!

Feel free to arrange your course of driving lessons with this highly recommended driving school.

SAIDI Members offer the very best service to their clients.