Membership Criteria:

SAIDI welcomes driving instructors of all ethnic groups, all over South Africa and beyond our borders, provided they can send us the documentation below.

We want to serve the public by providing reliable, trustworthy, skilled, competent driving instructors who speak all languages and work in all areas of our country and beyond.

SAIDI reserves the right to set standards in the industry  by checking both the practical standard and theoretical standard of every member, road worthiness of driving school vehicles, dual controls, sign-marking, filing systems and office management etc. without prior arrangement.

In order to become a member of SAIDI, driving instructors need to provide us with the following documentation:

  1. One to two driving instructors – Please complete a “SAIDI-Application-for-Individual-Membership-2018” (attached)
  2. For driving schools employing more than two driving instructors, please complete the “SAIDI Application for Driving School Owners” (attached).
  3. Please note:
    1. In that case we require the same documentation for each instructor working for the driving school on a permanent, temporary or contract basis please.
    2. Each one will be uploaded on your web-page with a photo of the vehicle they train in.
  4. A certified copy of your valid instructor’s certificate, as required per legislation.* (See relevant legislation on the website).
    1. If your Province does not process instructor applications kindly advise us.
    2. We will take it up on your behalf.
    3. The SAIDI Constitution has been altered to include, as members, those instructors who have attempted to make the correct applications to the Provincial Departments where they reside, but who have been refused the opportunity to be registered or to have their instructor’s certificates renewed annually, as required by law, provided they meet SAIDI’s own internal criteria for membership.
    4. However, we are not accepting this! We are not taking it lying down.
    5. The problem in the Eastern Cape is being rectified, through a partnership with a very helpful person.
    6. Please contact us for more information.
  5. Instructors details for website (attached)
  6. A recent photograph of your face. Please send it by WhatsApp with your name and the name of your driving school.
  7. An up-to-date photograph of your vehicle / s. Please send it/them by WhatsApp with your name and the name of your driving school.
    1.   SAIDI stickers should be displayed just behind the side mirrors, when seated in the vehicle.
  8. A certified copy of your identity book.
  9. A certified copy of your driving licence.
  10. The receipt for the payment indicated on the “SAIDI Application for Membership” form.
  11. A certified copy of your motor insurance plan.
  12. Any relevant certificates for publication. Feel free to send a couple of nice compliments from clients.

Please email your fully completed documents to

We will contact you and soon have you listed on our website and put you on our mailing list. We undertake to keep all members informed of the latest developments.

You will immediately be entitled to all the benefits of being a SAIDI member. All members are entitled to one of our surprise gift packs.