Michael Edward Somers-Vine – “Go” Driving School


Contact details:

083 378 2519

E-mail address: mailto:michaelsv28@yahoo.com

Mike is a very happy, calm, and sensible person. He is irrepressible! Anyone taking driving lessons from Michael will be laughing so much they won’t have time to be nervous. He likes to shock them with the things he comes out with and they just can’t help giggling in shock.

He is fiercely protective of his clients too, fighting like crazy if they are failed unfairly! He phones SAIDI and explains what happened with great indignation. Sometimes we have to take the matter up with the provincial authorities. It should not happen, but it does. SAIDI is constantly addressing this on behalf of all members and clients.

(Actually he is not alone – our members all react very strongly to any nonsense we experience on tests because we know the correct K53 standard and expect our pupils to receive fair tests. It is unfortunately not always the case.)

Mike studied agricultural engineering 1; Electronics 1 at Witwatesrand Technicon; Computer Operations and Programming for CDI and Allied Building Society; SHEQ Management. See his abridged CV below.

If you are looking for a humble, friendly, bright and intelligent driving instructor, who will stick to the law implicitly, try contacting Mike!

Michael Somers Vine IMG-20130322-00703IMG-20130324-00161

Abridged Curricuume Vitae

1983 to 1984 – Operations Manager Tongaat Milling

1985 to 1988 – Infoplan (Armscor) Operator / Computer Programmer / Systems Analysis

1989 to 1990  – The Pick Distribution Company – System Trainer on the Pick computer software operating system

1991 to 1995 – Ding Sen Fasteners – Sales and General Duties in Importation and sales of Industrial Fasteners

1995 to 2003 – Blitz Distributors – Own business – Sales of Industrial Fasteners and related construction products

2003 to 2005 – ADT Security Systems – Sales Consultant offering domestic and commercial security systems and response

2005 to 2006 – Tungsten Tips Sharpening – Sales Consultant in the Tungsten Carbide Tip resharpening and replacement industry

2007 to 2009 – Conquip Plant and Equipment – A Division of Enviroserv Waste Management – SHEQ Manager – Site Mager, Client Liason

Oversee conformity to Health and Safety standards; Compliance to competency certificates to operate extra heavy machinery.

Liaise between clients, their on-site problems and SHEQ requirements on site including class 1 Highly Hazardous waste site; Municipal Waste Sites; Arcelor Mittal; Mines in the Lydenberg – Witbank areas;

2010 Driving Instructor since 2010. He has supplied SAIDI with his valid instructor’s certificate, as well as the previous two, his id, application form and payment for membership.