Your driving licence test:


Make sure that you are there early!

If you are just a few minutes late you will not be permitted to do the test.

Give yourself time to calm down and prepare mentally for the test.

Sit and think through the test while waiting, according to what the offical K53 manual has guided you to do, together with the advice of your SAIDI registered driving instructor.

Take the following documents with you:

  1. Your learner’s licence.
  2. Your identity document.
  3. The receipt you received from the DLTC when you booked the learner’s licence test.
  4. The issuing fee. (If you should fail, you can re-book with that same amount of money.)
  5. Take a clean, roadworthy vehicle of the same class of vehicle as you booked for.
  6. You must be accompanied by a licenced driver of the same category of licence.


More about the test later.