Becoming a driving instructor in Northern Cape:


–              Complete RI form

–              Medical Certificate

–              SAPS Police clearance (69 report) not older than 6 months

–              Certified ID copy

–              Proof of payment (R363.00 payable at the motor registration for the mentioned application)



When the above mentioned documents are received, the instructor is registered on NaTIS system and that is when proof of payment is required. The applicant should be in possession of PrDP if he / she applies for a higher code (C1, C, EB etc) and then a submission is prepared. Usually there is a delay of 3 to 4 weeks turnaround from MEC’s office (depending on his schedule.)

Secondly – As soon as the submission is received back from MEC’s office, a letter is prepared for the Director to sign. It is then that the municipality (RA) and the applicant get a letter to do his/ her theory and practical tests.

It’s also stated in the letter that the tests should be done within 3 months and within the boundaries of Northern Cape.

(NB: After the Director has signed the letter is faxed or emailed to the applicant (if available) and to the municipality to curb the delay of the post


Then finally, should the applicant be successful in both his / her tests, the application is finalized by printing a certificate in a face value format. The certificate is valid for the period of 12 months from the date of issue. Unfortunately, the expiry date is not stated on the face value certificate so a letter accompanies the registration certificate stating that in bold letters.

All registration certificates are signed by the MEC and when received back, the original certificate is sent to the applicant and a copy to the municipality (RA) for filing purposes.


The following year the same procedure for renewal is followed with a fresh application.

Should the applicant be unsuccessful in whatever test, a letter is prepared for the Director to sign and it is sent to the applicant to give him/ her the opportunity to apply again for his / her instructor’s certificate. The same procedures are followed again.

There is a register to keep track and records of all the applications received.