Robert Chandler

Location: Despatch,South Africa
Contact details: +27 79 196 3601
Driving Licences: South African
Code EC, and Code A: United Arab Emirates
– Light Motor vehicle,and Motorcycle

We at SAIDI are very proud to welcome:

ROBERT WILLIAM CHANDLER as a new honorary member as at 11th August 2018.

2021 Update:

Robert Chandler has been appointed as our new Managing Director and is taking on challenges facing our industry with complete dedication. We are privileged to have him on our team. He has a wealth of professional experience.

We have taken the liberty of publishing Mr. Chandler’s CV here to show exactly why he is of great value to us at SAIDI as we fulfill our Constituted mandate to set standards in the driving school industry.

This is of inestimable value to us and the country, as we, together, oppose road carnage by exceptional training of our members and subsequently of their learner drivers countrywide. 

Rob is a quiet, humble, modest man, whose credentials speak volumes about his lifetime of commitment to road safety, and the safety of his fellow man, not only in South Africa, but world-wide:

I am a knowledgeable, skilled and team-empowering Manager with over 33 years of solid track record of military, law enforcement and security related success. I have been engaged in operations in the Middle East for the last fourteen years.
In addition to various senior management roles within the organizations I have been employed by, I have extensive experience in developing, managing and delivering training products in line with corporate strategy to ensure personnel
are enabled and equipped to meet their corporate goals.
I hold professional expertise in strategic and personnel management, as well as implementation of strategic programs that provide operational excellence.
I have international experience working in 2 different business cultures in South Africa and the Middle East.
I am self-driven, adaptable to changing circumstances and perform exceptionally well under pressure.
A competent and professional learning and development specialist who is accredited to provide various learning programs from Australia, South Africa,
United Kingdom and the United States of America. I have been involved in skills development for 33 years and have been operating in the Middle East of 12 years. 

– West Coast Training and Further Education College Perth Australia Cert
IV in Training and Assessment
– The South African Local Government Training Board – Train the Trainer
– Human Science Research Council (HSRC) South Africa – Train the
– Education Training and Development Practitioner, Sector Education
Training Authority – South Africa in facilitation and assessing learning
– Health and Safety Institute (HSI) Level 3 (United States of America)
– Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (United Kingdom) registered as
an instructor / Trainer and assessor
I have been a registered instructor up to and including a level 3 First Aid
qualification with:
– Medic First Aid International, since August 2008
– Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance, since 2010.
I am accredited to provide various learning programs from Australia, South Africa,
United Kingdom and the United States of America.

February 2015 to present Consultant
 Consulting on learning and development programs and assisting with their
 Delivery of specialize programs to corporate clients within my area of
 Assist international organizations and companies to set up and establish their
own Learning and Development Centers
 Consulted on occupational health and safety compliance and implementation
April 2009 to January 2015 Managing Director (FIT)
 As the Managing Director of First International Training I managed the
company from start up to one of the biggest service providers in Dubai in
respect of our products.
 Managing the process and achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS
18001 accreditation during this time. (The only training organization in the
UAE to do so at the time)
 Trained and equipped my personnel to deliver and accredit client employees
in respect of international products for:
o First aid (American, UK and South African quals)
o Pool and Beach Lifeguard (UK quals)
o Occupational Health and Safety (UK & USA)
o Fire safety in the work place (USA & UK)
 We also operate as an HSE consultant with our clients, conducting risk
assessments, drafting EAP’s & FAP’s etc.
March 2005 to March 2009 General Manager
First Security Group
 General Manager Health, Safety and Security Training Division
o Consolidate the various training centers into one entity
o Manager and responsible for direct financial and operational
matters pertaining to the Health and Safety Training Division
o New business development
o Liaison with international training partners
o Quality control and moderation of the training function
 General Manager: First Driving Centre LLC, a division of the First
Security Group
o Start up of new operation
December 1992 to March 2005
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality Trafic Police
Middle Management Position
 January 2000 to March 2005
o Department Head Driver Licensing Division
 January 1994 to March 2000
o Deputy Head (Founder Member) Nelson Mandela Metro Traffic
Police College
 December 1992 to January 1994
o Department Head – Driver Licensing Division (Principal
 During this time I served on several National Examination, Curriculum
and road safety advisory committees that steered the development of
qualifications and skills of traffic police officers in the Republic of South
Africa. (Details set out in an attachment)
January 1984 to December 1992
Provincial Traffic Police Force – Highway Patrol Natal South Africa
Senior law enforcement officer
 Traffic safety enforcement, accident investigation, road safety promotion
 Examiner for driving licenses – light and heavy motor vehicles and
motor cycles of all categories
 Examiner of motor vehicles – all categories
03 January 1980 to December 1993
South African Defense Force
Warrant Office Class II (CSM)
 1980 to 1984 Full time military instructor including several tours of duty
within the military operational area as a professional combat soldier
 1984 to 1994 Served in the part time citizen force in both the operational
area on the country’s borders and in a counter insurgency role within the
 Co Author and technical expert of “The Complete Learner and Drivers Tests”
 The “The Complete Learner and Drivers Tests” driver training guide is a widely distributed
driver training manual that is used by aspirant learner drivers to prepare for their learners and
driving license tests in the Republic of South Africa.
 The manual has, since 2001, been accepted by CITIWISE Campus Drivers Club based at the
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University as training manuals for their learner driver students.
This club was a Volkswagen South Africa sponsored driver training project that currently
boasts a 95% pass rate in first time driving license test passes.
 Driver License Technical Committee – Member of the Committee for 5 years
 The Driver License Technical Committee is a committee commissioned by the National
Minister of Transport (South Africa) and operated as an advisory committee on driver training,
driver assessment and driver assessment systems and methodology.
 Members were invited to join based on experience and knowledge of the industryK53 National
Technical Committee – Member of Committee – 8 years
 The K53 Technical Committee was commissioned by the National Minister of Transport (South
Africa) to research, design, develop and implement the national strategy and assessment criteria
 All categories of learners and driving licenses.
 The registration and authorization to operate as a Driving License Testing Centre
 The registration and authorization to operate as a examiner for driving licenses.
 National Department of Transport (South Africa) Technical Training and Development Committee.
 The Technical Training and Development Committee was mandated to set the standard for
the training and development of Metropolitan Police and Traffic Police personnel appointed
and registered in South Africa.
 The Training and Development Committee was mandated to research, d esign, develop
and implement the curriculum content for the relevant legislative subject matter to be taught at
the Metropolitan Police and Traffic Police Colleges.
I served in various sub-committees and positions on some of the sub-committees. The TCTD
managed the project by means of curriculum and examination panels drawn from the pool of
experts in the country.
 I served on the following committees and examination panels
Committee and examinations panels Role in committee Time served
Road Traffic Legislation – Overload Goods Vehicles Member of Committee 3 years
Road Traffic Legislation – General Member of Committee 3 years
Examiner for Driving Licenses Chairman of Committee 2 years
Member of Committee Additional 1 year
Examiner of motor vehicles Member of Committee 3 years
Conveying Dangerous Goods (Hazchem) Member of Committee 3 years
– Medic First Aid International
 Registered as an INSTRUCTOR in First Aid and Advanced Life Support
Registry Number #130046
 Registered as Director of Training Centre ID is #128652
– Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (UK)
– Trainer/Instructor
– Deliver, assess and accredit candidates in a variety of qualification
– American Health and Safety Institute
 Registered as an INSTRUCTOR
 Registered as Director of Training Centre ID is #128652
 Dubai Police College
Attended and successfully completed the Dubai Police Security Managers course
– Natal Provincial Administration – Ambulance Training Centre
 Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA)
– Australian National Qualifications Authority
Certificates of entitlement obtained from Australian West Coast (TAFE) Training and Further
Education College for training and development, course design, and manage group
dynamics in a learning environment on Certificate level IV TAFE
– South African Training Board for Local Government Authorities
Train the Trainer Certification 2842
– South Africa Qualifications Authority: Education, Training and Development Practices
Sector Education and Training Authority
Assessor of Learning Outcomes
– Port Elizabeth Fire and Emergency Services, RSA
Fire Fighter 1 
– South African National Department of Transport
Instructor of examiner for Driving Licenses Certification 610723 5005 086
Examiner for Driving Licenses – Grade A Certification 0000 8434
Examiner of Vehicles – Grade A Certification 0000 8434
Inspector of Licenses Certification 0000 8434
Traffic Police Officer Certification 0000 8434
– South African Human Sciences Research Counsel – Education Group
Instructor’s Certification 610723 5005 086
– Institute of Advanced Motorists
Advanced Driver

Instructor of advanced drivers     –    Membership Number provided
Instructor of high speed drivers     –    Membership Number provided
Examiner of advanced drivers    –    Membership Number provided
Examiner of high speed drivers    –    Membership Number provided

Registered Driving Instructor – Certificate provided