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Mafika Samson Mkwanazi









Mafika is a recently-qualified driving instructor in Gauteng (December 2012). He operates in Heidelberg and Nigel. He speaks English, Zulu and Southern Sotho fluently.

He is also in the process of applying for his instructor’s certificates in Mpumalanga and the Free State, since there is a definite strong demand for his high level of service in those areas too, such as in Balfour and Villiers.

Mafika's truck

   BMW Defensive Driving Certificate

He is planning to open an office for learners licence training in Villiers, once authorised to operate in those areas.

(Note: This is a legal requirement SAIDI would like to see changed. After all, if a person has qualified in one area, and if the K53 test is the same everywhere, then we believe one should be legally entitled to serve clients in other towns nearby, especially when one lives on the border between different Provinces, or even when one moves across the country.)

When asked about his attitude towards female clients, he told us he treats women with respect, and is gentle with them, not harsh. He treats them like mothers. He disapproves of any form of sexual harassment. He collects clients from their homes or places of work if they live far away, and drops them off at an agreed form of public transport, or, if it is late, he takes them back home.

So ladies- this is your chance to be taught with decency, respect and strong support while you learn to drive. – How nice in our Patriarchal society!

Mafika manages a soccer club in his spare time, called Siyathemba Liverpool Football Club.

·         He has satisfied SAIDI’s entry level high standards of membership by submitting all relevant documentation, as required, including his valid instructor’s certificate. He has agreed to re-apply 2 months before the expiry thereof, and submit the new copy to us as soon as it has been re-issued. Regulation 250 (16) covers him if there is any delay in administration.
·         He has provided SAIDI with a certified copy of his identity document and driving licence.

·         He has provided us with his tax registration number.

·         He has signed that he is willing to operate according to our Code of Conduct, (like all our members).

·         He has registered a cc.

·         He has paid his membership fees for himself and his other instructor (See below).

·         He took part in the BMW Defensive Driving Course on 7th July 2010.

·         He attended a legislation training workshop based on the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, which was offered to SAIDI members, on 24 and 25 July, 2013, with enjoyment and enthusiasm. He continues to give attention to the law, which he takes delight in passing on to his clients.

·         He is clean-living, keen, polite, respectful, community-minded, and ambitious to make a difference in the country.

·         Money does not come first – Service to his clients does, which is how it should be!

·         He collects students who live far from his training area, and takes them back (if it is late), or drops them off at public transport at other times.