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Tips for choosing a driving school

THE Automobile Association (AA) urges parents, guardians and businesses with learner drivers, to ensure these new motorists are not only trained to pass driving tests, but are actually qualified behind the wheel.
‘There is, unfortunately, a tendency among many people to learn to pass a driving test, rather than to learn to drive competently,’ said the AA. ‘This is counter-productive and, ultimately, puts drivers on our roads who are certified but not necessarily qualified.
‘If SA is to reduce its staggering annual road death toll this attitude must change.’ Using a driving school to teach learner drivers is a good option, the Association says, but care is needed when selecting the school to use.
The AA lists the following advice for choosing a driving school:
• Check if the driving school is accredited with the SA Institute of Driving Instructors (SAIDI).
• Ask for referrals from friends who have recently had children go through driving training.
• Ask the school for referrals.
• Visit the driving school in person, and observe the training process.
• Ask to see the credentials of the people involved in the driving training.
• Speak to the people who are currently being trained for their opinion on the quality of the teaching.
• Assess at least two or three driving schools before settling on one.
• Appraise the progress of the new driver after the first few lessons.