To Book Driving Licence Test Appointments:


  1. Your identity book and a photocopy.
  2. Your valid learner’s licence and a photocopy.
  3. The fee applicable to your Province.
  4. 4 black and white passport photographs.

You will wait in a queue, often for hours. You will be given a form called Application for driving licence (Form DL1)

Here is a copy for your information. Once again, take a (preferably black) pen and something to press on.

Here are the links to the official K53 manuals in English and Afrikaans.

Please note: If you need to tow a caravan or horse box you will probably need a Code EB licence, not just a Code B. See Codes of licences on our website to confirm which code you really need.

1. English Light Motor Vehicles Part 1

2. English Light Motor Vehicles Part 2

3. Heavy Duty Part 1

4. Heavy Duty Part 2

5. Motor Cycles Part 1 Codes A and A1

6.Motor Cycles Part 2 Codes A and A1

7. Light Motor Vehicle Combinations EB Part 1

8. Light Motor Vehicle Combiations EB Part 2

a. Ligte Motor Voertuie 1

b. Ligte Motor Voertuie 2

c. Swaarmotorvoertuie 1

d. Swaarmotorvoertuie 2

e. Motorfietse 1 Kodes A and A1

f. Motorfietse 2 Kodes A and A1

g. Ligtemotorvoertuie EB 1

h. Ligtemotorvoertuie EB 2