Swellendam Driving School / Bestuurskool

Name of Driving School Owners: Hennie and Netta Janse Van Rensburg

Area where driving instruction is offered: Western Cape (Overberg) Swellendam, Western Cape.

Contact Details: Hennie 082 818 5664 / Netta 072 433 6697

Address: Koornlands straat, Swellendam, Western Cape.

Email address: swellendambestuurskool@gmail.com

Languages of training offered: English and Afrikaans

Code/s of driving instruction offered: EC, C1, EB, B

Learners Licence Codes 2+3

We are a reputable driving school, which has been in operation successfully in Swellendam since 2004. We offer EC, C1, EB, and B Licences, as well as Learner’s Licence training classes. Learners for large groups can also be arranged.

We have a very high success rate, new generation trucks and car and excellent instructors who are willing to go the extra mile. Please find us on Facebook as SWELLENDAM DRIVING SCHOOL / BESTUURSKOOL

Hennie Janse van Rensburg
Netta Janse van Rensburg
Code B (08)
Code C1 (10)
Code EC (14)