4U Driving School – Brenda Rossouw

Sent: Thursday, 03 October 2019 6:50 PM
To: pat@saidinational.org

Afternoon Pat.  My telephonic conversation with you yesterday refers.  My niece XXXX had driving lessons with a lady called Brenda Rossouw,  mobile number 079-148 7984, also called 4U Driving School.  She obtained her learners licence on the 7 June 2019.   Her 1st  driving lesson was confirmed for the 12 June 2019 for 14:45, but was cancelled by Brenda on the the morning at 11,30 advising she had a cold. Another lesson was cancelled again on the 20th June because of a meeting she had. All these cancellations amounted to 18 times which many times happened like an hour or two before the lesson had to take place.  All the dates and times are too many to mention but the reasons were as follow:

***She had problems with her ovaries. (2 cases)

***The doctor was worried about her ovaries.

***She had a doctors’ appointment.

***She is going away for the weekend.

***She has problems with her womb.

***She had a student that had to go for his/her drivers’ licence (in about 3 cases).

***She had a meeting with the MEC of Roads and the meeting was running late.

***Her aunt was in hospital.

***The gate of the grounds were locked, because they closed earlier that day.

***She is busy.

***She is stuck with someone in Brakpan that is doing a test.

***Something unforeseen happened.

***The Nigel grounds had an inspection and she cannot take her for her lesson.

***She fell off the stairs and hurt her knee.

***The doctor booked her off.

The above could not be in the order it happened, but this is mostly all the reasons for her cancellations, which as I said in many instances were cancelled an hour or two before the lesson. My niece works shifts and always supplied her roster to Brenda about 2 days before month end for the coming month. The lessons were booked on her off days as she is off up to 3 days a week because of her shift working.  Surely being in such a business the instructor should also schedule the lessons with students according to a roster and therefore also the test times and ensure that she allows enough time for each student.  I paid for the lessons in advance and when the cancellations started I paid it over to my niece who made the payment after she had her lesson.  I have phoned Brenda 3 times and asked her if it is a problem because my niece never drove from before or because she lives in Nigel and she assured me that I needn’t look for another driving school as it is no issue to her.  I also requested that their shouldn’t be gaps for up to 2 weeks in between lessons as my niece or for that matter any student will not  build up confidence with a 2 week gap between lessons as a result of an instructors’ cancellations.  She agreed to what I informed her.  When these cancellations happened on a regular basis I did advise my niece that I am going to report this woman’s unprofessional behaviour to SAIDI. If it wasn’t for all the cancellations my niece could have gone for the drivers’ test much earlier.  My niece finally went for her drivers’ licence on the 26 September 2019, but failed on the fact that she rolled the car backwards at the time they arrived at the licencing grounds.

The afternoon my niece had her test (26 September 2019) Brenda advised her that if she still needs to use her car to go back for her licence she must advise her before the 10 October 2019, because she sold her business and are going to Vietnam on holiday. I will certainly not make use of her services again and will not recommend anybody to do so.

My reason for the email is the fact that this women acted in a very unprofessional manner due to all the cancellations during the period my niece had her lessons. It is my feeling that she is not a professional instructor and are not taking her students interests at heart with such behaviour.  As you advised she is not registered with the association, but can be listed on your webpage. Your assistance in this matter will be appreciated as I feel no student should be subject to such treatment.  I have also phoned Brenda yesterday and advised her that I am very disappointed in her unprofessional behaviour and that I will report the matter to SAIDI. She then put the phone down on me. She immediately removed her profile picture and also sent me a message and I commented by asking her why did she remove her profile picture after I informed her about my intentions.  A few minutes later the profile picture was back on.  Thank you for the time you spent on the mobile with me and I hope to hear from you about the matter.


Sent: Wednesday, 16 October 2019 7:43 AM
To: pat@saidinational.org

Good morning,

Hope this email finds you well.  Thank you for your assistance by placing my email on your web page, it is much appreciated.  This will just prevent other potential students from being exploited and treated in the same manner. Keep up the good work.  Wishing you a pleasant day.