Umhlanga Driving School


I am drafting this email with regards to a problem I’m having with a driving school that I wanted to do my learners with. It was in January 2018 that a guy named Ashwin from Umhlanga driving school came to my house to assist me with getting my learners done through his driving school. With very little knowledge of the process, I filled in the blue form and paid him his fee of R800 for the learners. The invoice I have stated that “there is no refund on full course” however the guy has robbed me for R800 because he did not have my eye test results, neither a proof of residence to do my booking yet he says he did make a booking for me. He has canceled making a booking for me on five occasions. I later told him that I would like a refund, which he agreed to, however, he has avoided numerous calls I’ve made to him. 

Please, can you tell me what can I do to get this money back from him, as I am a student and have financial difficulties? regards