Occupational Certificate Driving Instructor:

From: David Maboeane <RTMC Email address removed>
Sent: Thursday, 10 January 2019 8:59 AM

Subject: Occupational Certificate Driving Instructor

Good day Colleagues

Kindly note that the Occupational Certificate Driving Instructor was registered by SAQA on the NQF at level 4 on 07 December 2018. The SAQA link to this qualification is:


We would like to heartily thank the industry for a sterling support during the development of this qualification. Without your support we couldn’t have made it. The next process will now be the development of actual training material for all the seven modules in this qualification so that implementation and roll-out of this qualification could be arranged.

Further details in this regard will be circulated in due course by relevant officials within the RTMC.

*This qualification is also copied below.

Thanking you.

SD Maboeane