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Email received by SAIDI on Monday, 01 April 2019 11:14 AM

I want to know if you maybe can help me.

I bought a special package from this Driving School in Pretoria, Leap Driving School.  The Owner of the Driving School Zelda Taylor.

The Package was for R1950 and was included,
Learners “for Free”

and 10 Driving Lessons.

She did pick up my daughter, made an appointment, and took her for the Learners test.

My Daughter did fail the test, and phoned her to ask if she can make a new appointment?

She said no.

Later that day she informed me that I must pay another R850 and R108 for the Learners.

I said no, It is too much and I  will take her , she can go for Driving lessons after she got her learners,

Then we had an argument because of the Learners fee ext.. and I asked if my Daughter still can come for the Driving lessons what we paid for ?

She ignored all our Whatsups and email and doesnt want to ensure us that she can still go for the driving lessons, she also has a “Disclaimer” on her invoice that states no refunds and after 2 months she can’t take the lessons anymore?

She  also does not want to refund me, even if it is R1300, because she is so rude and unprofesional. I don’t want her to give my Daughter Driving lessons, because of her attitude.

I also saw on Facebook that there is 4 other clients that is not happy with her service!!!

She ignore us interms to comunicate and make arangements for the lessons, but now I just want a Refund, the way she treats people and gets away with clients money without giving the service is absolutely wrong.

Please can you help me?  I dont want her to this to more people as well, and I want a refund.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 8:10 AM

Email received by SAIDI:

Thank you, I really appreciate your effort regarding this matter, this woman is clearly getting away with people’s money in a really dishonest manner.

There is also a lot of complains on Hello Peter, that she takes the People’s money and not deliver the service!!

I also have a email from another client , from “Hello Peter”  I am not sure what to do , but will try everything to stop this!!!

Also received:


Tuesday, 09 April 2019 8:10 AM

I got your email from a complaint on Hellopeter. I have had a bad experience with Zelda Taylor. From the complaints I read, it seems that is the way she runs her business. On January 14 I engaged Leapfrog driving School to teach my daughter to drive. I paid for the 10-hour package up front and requested for consecutive lessons as my daughter would be starting varsity by the end of the month. Zelda agreed to this and said she would start lessons on Tuesday 15 January. She came for the first lesson on January 15 but said she would not be able to do the lesson the next day. She said she would come on Thursday 17 January, this after she had agreed to do consecutive lessons. After this lesson, she disappeared until 23 January.  That was the last time we saw her. There is no communication from her as to why she is not coming for the lessons and she did not reply to emails. I tried to arrange for weekend lessons because I did not want a big gap between the lessons because that would result in my daughter forgetting what she was taught. She agreed to this but never came or apologised for not pitching up.  When you call her she is full of excuses and promises to come and she never does. The last time I spoke to her is 19th March when I tried to arrange for my daughter to do the lessons during her semester break. We made arrangements that she would continue with the lessons from Tuesday 26th March -Friday 29th. The obvious happened! She did not show up and she did not call or whatsapp. I tried calling her, she did not pick up. I sent her a whatsapp message asking for a refund and she ignored me.

I am so frustrated with this woman and the way she conducts her business. If only I had checked on Hellopeter website before I engaged her. I regret not doing so because I would have saved myself time and money. My daughter recommended Zelda to her friend after the second lesson and they have suffered the same fate. 

Can you help me with this? I sincerely hope you can.

3, 4, 5,6.

This is an enquiry email via http://leapdrivingschool.co.za/ from:
Pat Allen <Pat@saidinational.org>

SAIDI to Leap Driving School:

Please see:
You are welcome to refund the clients and send us proof of having done so and we will place that on our webpage, or an explanation for us to publish.

Reply from Leap Driving School:

——– Original message ——–From: zeldataylor@rocketmail.com Date: 09/04/2019 10:44 (GMT+02:00) To: Pat Allen <Pat@saidinational.org> Subject: Re: Leap Driving School: Reports of corruption received
Good Day Pat Allen , thank you for forwarding this to me , I already have a problem with this client for 2 weeks , 
That is very true the client did take a package with my driving school of 1950 , that includes 10 hours of driving lessons and a free learners package , I took her daugter for the learners package and she failed her learners ,  As from there on she must pay a learners package if she want me to take her again for a apointment and test , i tald her several time that the 10 lessons is still there for her daugter.  
She got offensive and said she want a refund because why does she need to pay again , i do have all the messages that I explained to her , then she agreed to  take her daugter herself for learners and then i will do her lessons as she passed , A message after that , she again started to fight with me , It got so bad that i could talk to her anymore as i needed to block her , Her daugter message me and if we can do the lessons as she completed her learners , 
I couldn’t message back directly as i was driving , A couple of min after that her Dad put a very bad comment on social media telling the world how bad i am etc ,. 
They causing alot of loss of income into my business  by duing that , and they still want a refund , as my disclaimer stated proper  that  i do not do refunds ,  She badmouthed me on several pages and i feel that is HIGHLY DANGEROUS a big loss of income to me . I still do have the right of admission , 
She screenshot  posts from people on facebook that i do not even know or ever met , she asked all her friends etc to go and commented on her post on facebook that it can look like if there was alot of people in the same situation .I DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE PEOPLE . 
Yes i do have a few bad comments on hello peter , But every business in this world has a bad coment , unfortunately no one can keep every person in this world happy as people are happy if they get they way if not they complaine, i have this business for 7 years and have that 4 bad complaints , 2 of them was this lady that try to get her way . I have a business that need to make a profit and if each client fail they test and want everything for free ,i canot make a profit . 
I have a good explanation for each bad compent situated on hello peter , unfortunately i canot keep every person happy as they want they way . 
Kind regard

7, 8, 9.


1.        Ons het haar ook vir 10 lesse betaal waarvan sy 3 gedoen het

2.       In die eerste plek: sy sê haar adres is in Lynnwood wat nie waar is nie; sy bly in Centurion, dis waar ons haar opgespoor het voordat ek haar gedagvaar het

Die adres in Lynnwood bestaan nie; dis die straat na my werk, ek kon stap soontoe; dink dis Lansia of so iets

Dis hoekom ons haar gekies het omdat dit twee blokke van Wilgers Hoërskool is waar sy my kind moes optel – min wetende dis ‘n vals adres

3.       Sy het vir drie lesse opgedaag en toe net begin kanselleer; elke keer ‘n verskoning gehad soos byv: tandarts was een; hoe reel jy ‘n tandarts afspraak in dieselfde tyd wat jy ‘n bestuursles het

4.       Toe weer moes sy haar kar regmaak – weereens, in dieselfde tyd as die bestuursles

5.       Die derde keer dink ek was haar verskoning sy sit in die verkeer

6.       Ek het vir haar gevra om my geld terug te betaal omdat sy heeltyd kanselleer; waarop sy nee gesê het

7.       Ek gaan toe hof vir klein eise toe, vat die brief balju toe en dis waar dit toe stop  

8.       Die balju moet die brief binne ‘n week of twee aflewer en hul het haar nie in die hande gekry nie

9.       Toe moet ek die brief gaan haal by die balju en weer terug vat hof toe om die datum te verander, maar dit het net te veel geword want toe was ek al twee keer by die hof om die datum te verander omdat die balju nie die dagvaardiging betyds aflewer   nie – weet nie hoe dit werk nie maar ja……….

Toe ons besef het waar sy bly, verstaan ek hoekom sy heeltyd kanselleer; dit was natuurlik te ver om van Centurion na Lynnwoord te ry en natuurlik te veel moeite

O ja, op haar website staan sy gee lesse tot 18h00

Toe my Dogter haar vra om na 5 te kom, toe sê sy daar’s te veel verkeer!!

En dis my storie………………

Ek hoop rerig dat jy iets gaan regkry!!!

Het jy op Hello Peter gelees hoe sy mense ingedoen het? 

Laat weet as ek met nog iets kan help


Sent: Wednesday, 09 October 2019 8:09 AM

Dear Pat 

I trust this finds you well.

I attach herewith my conversations with Zelda Taylor regarding the booking and payment for of 5 driving lessons with her establishment. 

From this I am sure you will note that no lessons ever took place as Zelda always had an excuse . She claims she was on hospital for 3 weeks but I have correspondence from her saying she was admitted on the 13th September 2019 and further correspondence stating she was being discharged on the 26th September 2019. I may he wrong but it seems her hospital trip may have compromised her ability to count as that’s 13 days and not 3 weeks . 

Each and every time there is an excuse with why she can not accommodate a lesson . Her webpage clearly states that if a trainee reschedules an appointment it must be done 24 hours in advance yet she does not offer you the same consideration. 

On her webpage she also states that she will pick you up and drop you off at your location however she wanted to meet me at Menlyn for a lesson before she fell ill.  False advertising I think so . 

She agreed to refund me my money on the 3rd October 2019 but till date no funds have been returned . When confronted by my husband she became defensive writing in caps saying she is working and was in hospital for 3 weeks . Another lie to avert having to do what is right . 

While a R1000 may not seem like a lot of money to her it is money that I have worked hard for and have paid her in good faith with the expectation that she would deliver the service she promises . I am not certain why she conducts her business is such an unethical manner and furthermore why she is allowed to operate .

As it stands now I have copied in my attorney on this correspondence and will be forwarding the same email to Carte Blanche as well as I do not belive that she should be allowed to get away with stealing peoples hard earned money .

She confirmed wanting to facilitate a refund and has till date not done so which in my mind constitutes theft .

Please can the association make people aware that this is the type of business women she is so that no one else is taken for granted .

Kind regards