YIYO Prince Driving School Gauteng;

Sent: Monday, 08 April 2019 4:57 PM
To: pat@saidinational.org
Subject: Re: Driving school complaint

I’m laying a complaint as to how customers are being treated through Driving Schools. In 2017-2018 I met a guy named Lenzoe Lenciford Prince his driving school is named YIYO Prince (0723568021).

I made a payment of R5000 which included lessons and for my Test drive I got study material and went for my learners at the Omonde centre(South).

However I felt disrespected when I had expected him to be the one teaching me lessons on the 1st day, however he passed me on to some old man who gave me the lesson.

From 2018 till today’s date I have not went for other lessons.

I would WhatsApp him saying “Can I be booked for lessons on certain days?” and he would always tell me the same story “I have other clients.”

I continued giving him space and went on top asking, “Please book me in for lessons,” and got the same response.

“I have clients.”I always made a point to be the one WhatsApp’ing him, and he knew very well I work shifts.

I took to tell him that as much as you have clients, what am I to you? Am I not a customer? What is annoying you are sitting with my money and yet have the nerve to tell me you have clients.

He started panicking as soon as I said to him I want my refund.

He told me I must tell him the dates I’m free, which its something I’ve been communicating with him.

I kept WhatsApp’ing this guy requesting my refund. I am in my rights to request for a refund and he told me driving schools don’t do refunds. I told him that is a lie.

I kept WhatsApp’ing non-stop until he got his Cop friend to call me on the 4th of February 2019. The name of the detective was Mr Mphahlele. He called me with a cell number 0789784790. The cop had the nerve to tell me that this Driving school guy asked him to talk to me. I told this cop he has no right to be doing that because I believe if a person goes to police station they will open a case. I told the detective this Prince guy has no rights. In fact, even worse – I’m the one who should be going to the police!

I told the cop if prince wants to speak to him then he must call. I ended the phone call.

Prince called me and I told him where to get off. I told him I want my refund but he said he doesn’t have money. It’s over 4 months back and forth with my refund.

Please assist where you can, I’ve been on the website from morning and the complaints I’m seeing is just what I am experiencing. I want him to refund me my money which he owes me, which is R2400 ASAP.

This is the worst customer service I’m received from YIYO Prince Driving School.

So they live to rob people and end up telling us they don’t do refunds. He doesn’t even have remorse to say I’ll give you half. Not at all! He just keeps telling me he doesn’t have money. He even said to me even if I open a case, they wont do anything.

I would like him to be blacklisted until someone contacts him and and says he will refund my money. He is too proud of himself, even having the nerve to tell me I can go ahead and report but no-one will do anything.