Mr. Crawford Fraser – Humansdorp

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Sent: Sunday, 27 May 2018 7:40 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Refund

Good Evening

I enrolled my daughter with the driving school of Mr. Crawford Fraser. I paid R3500 for a package.

He made an appointment himself for her by himself with a driving school in Humansdorp.. Last year in November I paid the money.. There was delays from that time until now not even one driving lesson was given from him..

I canceled him as u can see the emails. I also have what’s up messages from him. Now I am struggling to get my money back from him and he don’t respond anymore..

I enrolled her with another driving school and are very happy with the new driving school.

Can you please advise me how to get my refund from him…

Kind regards

Layla Witbooi

On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 3:13 PM, Pat Allen <> wrote:

Good day Ms Witbooi,

I have spoken to Mr Crawford Frazer.

He claims to have taken you, as an experienced driver, 200km away to book a driving licence test appointment, which you cancelled because the date did not suit you, after leaving the papers and money at the Driving Licence Testing Centre because the system was down. Apparently they booked a Thursday, which did not suit you because you were writing an exam.

He said that he changed the appointment on your behalf.

Apparently the second appointment did not suit you either.

When I asked him if he intended to refund you R3500 or even a part of that money he was very indignant, saying I should know better, being in the industry.

Kindly send your phone number and I will try to send the recording of the conversation to you by WhatsApp, if it is not too big.

I suggest you take the recording to a lawyer or the Small Claims Court to try to reclaim a portion of your money.

I do have a few questions, just out of curiosity:

1.       You said “even until now not even one driving lesson was given from him.”

2.       He says you were not a new driver or he would not have immediately taken you to book the test. Is that true?

3.       Why did he take you 200km away to book your appointment?

4.       What time did he leave and return with you?

5.       What date did he secure for the test the first time?

6.       How much did he quote you to take you there and back?

7.       Did you agree to leave your documentation and money at the DLTC when their system was down?

8.       Is it true that you said you could only take a test on a Thursday?

9.       Is it true that you were unable to take the first appointment because you were writing an exam on that day?

10.   Is it true that you could also not make the second test appointment? What date was that?

11.   Is it true that you promised to phone Mr Fraser on a Monday to arrange the next appointment, but failed to do so? If so, why?

12.   Is it true that you have still not replied to him about that?

13.   R3500.00 is still a lot of money to travel 200km to book and not give any driving lessons.

Best regards,

Ms. P. A. Allen

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Sent: Tuesday, 19 June 2018 5:34 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Refund

Good Day Mam

Firstly he was lying he never took my daughter to book any test he booked the first test on his own. He never give any lesson or even mentioned anything about a lesson. How did he know she was an experience driver he never even saw her driving.

3. He did not take my daughter or me for any appointment.

4. He never even mentioned about any documentation. He did not even tell us that he left documentation there. I heard it now by you for the first time.

5.Yes because she was writing an exam. I even phone the traffic department there and this guy that I was speaking to said that I must not say that he made the appointment it could put them in trouble.

6.There was no second appointment he is really lying, I keep on trying to get hold of him for an appointment but he keeps on having excuses.

7.No Mam I never to promise him to phone him.


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Sent: Thursday, 21 June 2018 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Re: Refund

Good Evening Pat

I will go to small claim court when I’m off and take all receipts and voice notes with me them they can listen the messages he send me.

Thank you very much really appreciate your help.