Marco K53 Driving School Randburg

Details of dispute:

The driving School in question is Marco K53 Driving School which is owned by Marco Fourie in the Roodepoort area.

The contact details of the driving school are as follows:

I phoned in on the 18th of December 2018 and asked information regarding the Learner’s License. I told the gentlemen that I bought a book from CNA and asked how we should go about to do his Learner’s. The gentleman told me that I can throw away the book that I bought from CNA as 25% of the questions asked in the Learner’s exam are not even mentioned in the book. I asked him what is provided in the package and he told me the following services are provided in the R850.00 package:

1. Study material, which will be dropped off at my address provided

2. Help to make booking, and also that you will collect him to go and pay the booking made (Pick up and drop off)

3. Also pick up and drop off for the date of the booked Learner’s exam

I asked the gentleman again about the pickup and drop off service as I do not have a car and he reassured me that that is included in the price.

The gentleman requested that I send him a WhatsApp with all the information regarding the applicant which I did shortly after the telephone conversation.

I also paid in the R850.00 on the same day.

On the 19th of December 2018 I still did not receive the training information. I send a WhatsApp and asked when the booklet will be delivered. He informed me that it was already late and that he will get back to me, which he never did.

On the 20th of December 2018 I send a WhatsApp message again and asked when the booklet will be delivered. The gentleman advised that the booklet will be delivered the same day. Then I received a message stating that they could not find my address and I should meet them at Spur. I then phoned him and said that when I spoke to him telephonically, I specifically asked about the drop of and pick up service as I do not have a car. I then said to him that if it can’t be delivered, I want my money back as this is not what was agreed upon. He said that they will deliver the booklet and I said to him that I have another appointment at 2 pm and that they should please deliver before this time, which he said they will.

I left for the my appointment and they delivered the material after the agreed upon time.

I asked them regarding the appointment and I was forwarded a link to book myself. I then asked him if they will pick him up for the test and all of a sudden I had to pay in R200.00 more!

I then confronted the gentleman and said that I have worked through the booklet and the information provided was also in the book I bought from CNA (which is false information provided), I also indicated that the pickup and drop of service was included in the R850.00. He then scolded me that I said he was a “thief” which is absolutely not true – because I was not there to receive the package myself.

He proceed to tell me that I will not get any money reimbursed and that I should rather look for another driving school and blocked me on WhatsApp.

I find this kind of behaviour very unprofessional and I feel that I was given false information when I phoned in to inquire about the driving school.

I would like to be reimbursed the full R850.00 I paid as all the information provided in the training booklet IS in the book I bought. I feel that I was given false and misleading information for the start.

You are welcome to contact me at any time for further information; I can be reached on my cell phone.

See Hellopeter for more complaints about this driving school.

The good news is that SAIDI can report that it was referred to the Consumer Council and after the referral and investigation, the Driving school has paid the money back.  

Client Refunded!

The complainant adds:


It would be good if people searching for a driving school can see what they are dealing with.  The main problem was that there wasn’t really much information available when I searched online.  I couldn’t see any complaints regarding the school or what I should look at when searching for a driving school.  It was only after the incident happened and I searched more in depth that I found that I was not the first it happened to.  The complaints were so hidden and I really hope this will help save people from losing their money.

Thank you SAIDI, so much for making this journey with me.  You have been so kind and really a Godsend.