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Honeybee Driving School, also trading as Driveco, has been repeatedly reported to SAIDI SINCE OCTOBER 2018.


Dear  Saidi,

I wonder if you can assist me.

On Sunday, 27th January 2019, I paid R1700 to Honeybee Driving School so that I could have 10 driving lessons for automatic car. I paid this money in cash to the instructor, Nageeb and was issued with a receipt (attached).

The agreement was that I will have the next lesson on Wednesday, 30th January 2019. None one came and upon enquiring was told that there was a mix up. They promised to get back to me immediately which they never did.

I made a further attempt to send whatsapp messages to two numbers listed on the website, that is, 061 543 8407 and 072 493 4906. They are now not responding. Upon making my own investigation, was reliably informed that it has happened to many other people in the past with this school.

Do you guys monitor these driving schools?

Please assist.


Friday, 11 January 2019 9:29 PM

Dear Pat

We are in the process of reporting the matter to the Mowbray Police Department as it has come to our attention that Honeybee Driving School has been operating from the Damelin College premises in Mowbray under the name of drivecodrivingschool.co.za. I have been informed by Damelin staff that they have severed all ties with the driving school as they have defrauded many students and charges have been laid against them at the Mowbray Police Station.

Below is a synopsis of what transpired between Honeybee Driving School and my daughter.

In December 2018 I went online to look for an affordable and reliable driving school in Cape Town. Honeybee Driving School was one of the top results with a 4.3 rating on Google.

On Saturday the 5th of January 2019 I made a booking request via their website and on Sunday the 6th of January I was informed that my booking was confirmed for Monday the 7th of January at 4pm.

On Monday the 7th of January my instructor arrived fifteen minutes earlier than the booked time, an hour’s lesson took place and at the end of the lesson I paid for the 10 lesson package   (R1 800)and was issued with a generic receipt. I asked the instructor how I could book the subsequent lessons and he informed me that it could only be done through the office.

Immediately after the lesson I sent an email to request times for my subsequent lessons and received no response for 2 days.

On Tuesday the 8th of January I phoned them and received no response.

On Wednesday the 9th of January I phoned them again, sent the school a WA message and the driving instructor a WA message and received no response. I then alerted my parents that the driving school were not responding to my calls, emails or WA messages. My mom then phoned the number that was provided on the website and managed to get through, she spoke to a gentleman by the name of Naqeeb who informed her that he had been ill and that was why there was a backlog in correspondence. He assured her that all subsequent lessons would be honored and the second lesson was booked for Friday the 11th of January at 11:00 am and all lessons booked for next week would be confirmed in today’s lesson.

At 11.06 I sent the instructor a message to confirm our lesson for 11am and received no response, at 11.30 I telephoned the driving school and at 11:53 I received a message from the instructor to say that he was on his way for the lesson and arrived for the lesson at 12:11pm.

After the lesson I inquired whether he could please confirm next weeks’ lessons and was told that he could not confirm the lessons as it had to be handled by the office.

When I arrived home after my lesson I phoned the driving school and received no response. After calling multiple times my parents  (who were already suspicious at this point) and I decided to visit the physical address that is listed on their website. We then realized that there was only a street listed and not an actual property number.

This led us to further investigations which included contacting the driving instructor who informed us that their offices are situated at the Damelin college in Mowbray. When enquiring from the Damelin reception staff we were informed that the driving school was asked to vacate the premises as they were defrauding a number of students and this had negatively affected Damelin’s reputation. We were also informed that students had laid charges against them.

We were eventually contacted by the instructor who requested a meeting to reach an amicable solution. We informed him that following the events that transpired; we didn’t feel comfortable in continuing with the lessons and requested a refund. He promised to discuss it with the owners of the driving school and get back to us. Subsequently we received a call from a lady by the name of Samira who informed us that she was ill and was not in office (this was exactly the same excuse that had been given by Naqeeb on the Wednesday when my mother had phoned). She further stated very emphatically that on no account were we entitled to a refund and that an email would have been sent to us stating that they do not do refunds. When we mentioned that according to the Consumer Protection Act that we were entitled to a refund she told us that we were welcome to take them to court and lay charges.

The clear trend that we are able to extrapolate is that this is Honeybee Driving School’s modus operandi eventually leading to clients forfeiting the balance of the paid up lessons. It is for this reason that we are laying charges against them.


Good day

I am emailing on behalf of my sibling who recently booked and paid in full for driving lessons with Honeybee driving school.

She paid for 10 lessons, and she received 4 with her instructor; which was painful as the instructor was constantly late or didn’t pitch or was constantly moving the appointments.
Despite this, she stayed on with the school, hoping things would get better.

After the 4th lesson, she started being harassed by one of the staff members; who was sending her threatening and derogatory SMSes.

I then assisted my sibling by requesting that they staff member no longer contact my sister, as we would make a case if she did. And that the owner should contact us instead. We indicted that given the unprofessionalism we no longer wanted to be associated with the school and that we requested a refund.

The story that the school gave was that my sister was confused with another student that “was harassing the instructor”. If this was true, they should have contacted the police, instead of maliciously harassing my sister, who suffered anxiety about this. Which is what I indicated to them.

Their response by the school was that the “owner” or “director” came back to say that the staff member no longer works there (which is untrue, as my sister spoke to the girl, when she called the school the other day), and that a new instructor was assigned.

I explained that the damage had already been done and that we wanted the refund instead, so that my sister could find a more professional and reliable school.

They have since been giving us the run-around for about 3 weeks now. We are planning on submitting a complain to the consumer protection agency, as well as go to small claims court. We are also looking at submitting a claim to the South African Information Regulator, as there has clearly been a violation of PoPI act in respect of the staff member using a client’s contact details for their own purpose.
Furthermore, I’ve been doing some of my own checks, and it looks like these people have more than one school, and that my sister is not the only one that has been defrauded.

There are a number of complaints on hello peter, and it is sad to see that there are so many people that haven’t got a clue as to what to do about their situation; as most of these are young people / students.

Here are a few of the complaints I’ve found:
• https://www.hellopeter.com/honeybee-driving-school
• https://www.hellopeter.com/driveco-driving-school/reviews/bad-experience-2470475?fbclid=IwAR0jT6onQvN03mRWdA6tYioVHc9IVeS_k3TB44tB-eg3Om4ASkqRLz11Bd0
• https://www.hellopeter.com/honeybee-driving-school/reviews/they-are-very-unprofessional-and-untrustworthy-1762399
• https://www.hellopeter.com/honeybee-driving-school/reviews/beware-of-this-driving-school-in-cape-town-2596385

I’ve also checked online for the owner’s details, as he was not contacting us back at all, despite the staff telling me on numerous occasions that he would contact us.
I sent him a message on Facebook also, requesting assistance with regard to the refund so that we can be done with the situation.

It was at this stage that I noticed that there was affiliation with other schools also. I may or may not be correct, but it looks like they have been operating under atleast 2 driving schools.
• Honeybee driving school
• Drive National Driving Academy – I noticed the number on this schools facebook site is the same number as that of the driving instructor working for Honeybee.

On their website, they also say they are affiliated with Driveco Driving Academy, which seems to be a legitimate school; but at this stage, everything seems to be suspicious. I have contacted Driveco to find out if they are associated with Honeybee, but haven’t yet heard back from them yet.

Thus, in addition to attempting to getting my sisters R1020 back, I am also trying to assess whether this school is actually legitimate, or if it is just a bunch of websites that have been set up with the intention of defrauding youngsters out of their hard-earned money (or their parent’s hard-earned money).

Furthermore, I was going to drive to “one of their offices”, but it would seem that the Honeybee driving school is slap-bang in the middle of Access park, while the Drive National Driving Academy is in front of Damelin college. This means that there is no physical office that can be visited to talk in person. Again, leading me to believe that something dodgy is going on.

This driving school needs to be investigated and exposed, should they be fraudsters. People don’t have money in our country, and so we must ensure that any risk of being defrauded must be eradicated.


Hi there,

I am one of many displeased clients of Honeybee driving school.

Listening and getting feedback from some of the clients, we all have the same story and complaints.

They take on students, insist on untraceable cash payments, then barely ever pitch.

Despite all efforts to make suitable arrangements, clients often find themselves with instructors who will not answer to texts or calls, cancel the last minute, give the most absurd excuses and are no-shows.

Any attempt to resolve this with the administrators ends up with them unresponsive to emails, calls and texts. The enlisted address on Google is false.

Most of us find ourselves having had less than 50% of the 10lessons offered in their packages Months after initial sign up- which they obviously refuse to refund.

I personally believe they should not operate at all.


Good day,

I could not resolve this issue last week so I asked my husband.








Sent: Tuesday, 12 February 2019 5:49 PM
To: info@saidinational.org
Subject: Driving school Complaint



I would like to lay a complaint against DriveCo Driving Academy in Cape Town which defrauded  me. I paid R1400 for ten lessons in September 2018 and I have only received two lessons. The instructors and manager/owner ignores my calls, texts and emails. I would like you to please add them to the list of driving schools to look out for as I am not the first person to complain about them.

What further steps (through you) can I take to have them stopped.

Kind regards,

Namhla Bula


Sent: Thursday, 14 February 2019 4:30 PM
To: Info@saidinational.org
Subject: Driveco Academy complaint


My name is Siphokazi Mfundisi and I called earlier. I paid for 5 lessons upfront including car hire and booking but I received none of that from driveco in Cape Town. After 2 months of begging them for a lesson they said they won’t refund me but can only give me a driving license voucher which I could use at any driving school.

I called other driving schools to confirm the voucher issue and they said they’ve never heard of it. So finally they stopped taking my calls and messages and told me there’s nothing they can do for me. Even if I don’t get my money back at least other people should be aware and this school should be shut down. I have attached proof of payment I’m thinking of going to the police as well and go to small claims court. Please publish my story so that more people are aware.

Thank you



I have a complaint about a driving school (Honeybee driving school), I’ve paid these guys R1400 on the 8/01/2019 for 10 driving lessons for my son and he only had 1 lesson so far, been trying to book lessons with them and no luck and they are very unprofessional, I also tried to get a refund which they promised to pay back on the 15/02/2019 and I’m still waiting for payment and they not answering or returning my calls, so please assist and just look at the condition of the car, cv joints making a noise and management light was on. 


Sent: Tuesday, 26 February 2019 9:52 AM

Good day,

I got your email address from an online forum. I would like some advice please.

My wife booked a package with Honeybee driving school and has had endless problems with them.

She was due to have a lesson today and this not the first time they have not pitched and do not respond to calls. They have also shown up for lessons in sub standard vehicles and without petrol or money for petrol and on top of it expected her to pay for the yard when she had already paid for the package upfront.

My wife is due to do her drivers test tomorrow with their vehicle and is starting to panic as she feels she could miss the test and have to re-do her learners license test again at a cost to us if they do not pitch.

This driving school is completely unprofessional and scamming people out of money. Is there anything we can do?

Do yourself a favor and check on hellopeter.com and facebook there are countless negative comments about this school.

Hope you can provide some sort of advice.

Kind regards,


From: Mohamed < Removed
Sent: Tuesday, 05 March 2019 3:10 PM
Subject: driving school.docx


Attached please find a complaint against Honey Bee driving school based in Cape Town.

We have never received any invoice from them stating their terms and conditions and the adamant that we cannot be refunded any money due to us . We have clearly advised them that we do not intend proceeding with further lessons .

Thank you

Kind regards

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

Letter attached to this email copied and pasted here:


In January 2019 our daughter needed to have driving lessons and after completing a google search on driving schools she decided to go with Honey Bee Driving School. She booked a 10-lesson package deal for R1 800,00. At the end of her first lesson she was told by the instructor that all subsequent lessons would need to be booked directly with the driving school. This is when the drama ensued, she left countless messages which were never returned. I eventually phoned and was told by the owner that he had been ill and hence there was a backlog of calls that he needed to return. I then asked him whether we could book the other nine lessons and he assured me that while the dates had been diarised they would be confirmed by the driving instructor. The second lesson was booked for Friday, 11th of January at 11am by 11.45am the instructor had not arrived and no calls were answered. At that driving lesson my daughter asked whether the subsequent 8 lessons were confirmed and the driving instructor said that none of the lessons were confirmed and that she would need to make contact with the driving school to book them. It was at this stage that we knew that something was amiss about this business. We drove to the address that was listed on their website to personally consult with someone only to discover that it was not a physical address. We decided to investigate further and now know that Honey Bee Driving School are a fraudulent business who have managed to defraud many innocent individuals by using the same modus operandi. We are attaching all our correspondence to them and while we know that we will not be able to get our money back we would like this business reported and shut down so that future clients are not defrauded.


From: SAIDI National <pat@saidinational.org>
Sent: Saturday, 02 March 2019 11:39 AM
To: pat@saidinational.org
Subject: New message from xxxxxxxxx

I am very disappointed with the treatment, non-service received from Drive Co Driving Academy.
I called them and was told it was R1800 for 10 lessons and they book the driver’s licence test. So my daughter went for the first lesson and I paid for everything via EFT.
My daughter told me that it was a very difficult lesson as the car was not working properly and the woman didn’t know what she was doing. I tried calling them to discuss and there was no answer for a whole day. I called SAIDI and enquired if they were registered members and was informed that they were not. They do not answer or are evasive if I do happen to get them on the line.
They won’t give their names and are now refusing to refund me after saying they would when I did manage to speak with Nageeb, who said he would repay.
I cannot allow my daughter’s safety to be at risk. What do I do now?


From: xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, 28 February 2019 2:11 PM
To: info@saidinational.org
Subject: Driving School complaint


Thank you for taking my call earlier.

Please note I don’t think that those are the only two driving schools.

Please see the linked driving schools not sure how they all linked.

They all under the drive co Instagram account.

The bank account I paid into was referenced Drive Driving Academy. Which is pretty dodgy and I didn’t notice until now.As that is one of the other driving schools linked to them via Instagram. 

Please see my proof of payment also attached .

The post below was put on Facebook and Instagram.

Kind regards,


Good Morning

I would like to bring to your attention a particular driving school that I feel is taking me and my son (and I am sure many others) for a scam.  Their website is quite comprehensive and they offer the eager learner driver a variety of inviting packages

So in a nutshell here is how they work (our experience).

You call/email them to book a lesson

There FIRST response time is impeccable (and please note ONLY the first time)

They fetch you and take you for your first FREE lesson (as they like to call it) … I, however beg to differ ….this is them reeling you in.  The first 30 minutes they literally run through the packages and what you will be doing/taught during the lessons.  The next 30 minutes they assess your driving skills.  By the end of the lesson they are ready to receive your cash (in my case R1800) for the package you chose, receipt gets written and you arrange when your next lesson will be.

In my case … I have never got another lesson.

I was told that the driving instructor that took me actually didnt work for the driving school anymore he just happened to be there that day and stole my details off their system, so they have no record of receiving my money.

My son joined a few days later, also did the first FREE lesson, accepted his money (R1800) and he got given a receipt too.

His second lesson he got (not when he asked for it though – they decide this for you).  Even if you call in and arrange the date and time of your next lesson – you dont get it (although over the phone they “log” and “arrange it” but you dont actually get it.  Infact you dont get a phonecall to say they are not coming … your instructor just doesnt pitch up.  And if you are lucky enough to get hold of the instructor and/or the office their stories will differ as to why you never had your lesson.  This is what happened to my son.  So the next day (a day which he never asked for a lesson) a new instructor leaves a voice note asking what time he would like to have his lesson on that day …. five minutes later he tries to call the instructor and what do you know…….. phone is off and stays off.  (Is this them covering their tracks to say that they did indeed call to schedule … a lesson that was never going to take place anyways)

If you do some investigating on google, you will notice that this seems to be the norm with this company.  I have dealt with a Nageeb (seems he is from Honeybee driving school who is somehow affiliated with Driveco.  I think Nageeb and Haniff are related.  Haniff would be the owner of Driveco.  I seems that they are all in this scam together .. the whole happy lot of them.  

I urge you to look into this company.  I am so dissapointed.  My son and I saved up for these lessons and now all our money is just gone. 

Nageeb Numbers:  061 543 8407, 074 470 2397, 062 907 6889

My sons first driving instructor – Alfonso 074 143 8426

The driving instructor that ran away with my money – Yusri 074 440 2022

Driveco 082 297 4086

I look forward to hearing from you.


This criminal driving school continues to rob the public according to emails received:


Sent: Tuesday, 27 August 2019 4:12 PM
To: info@saidinational.org
Subject: Fraud and theft -Honeybee driving school -Cape Town

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I contacted the driving school Honeybee Driving School via telecom on Friday 23rd August 2019 at 10h48. I found them on a website on google. They have branches in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and there is only one contact number 072 493 4906 and an email address honeybeedrivingschool@gmail.com.

I spoke to Najeeb to book a 10 package with costs of R1800.00, I told him it is for my son who has obtained his learners license and I also gave him our home address. He sent me an invoice via WhatsApp. He asked when the lessons should commence and I confirmed for Monday 26th August at 11am. I transferred the money via internet banking -annex attached hereto – for the amount of R1800.00. I sent an email attaching the payment and details of my son -annex hereto – I did not receive a response on this email. I received a WhatsApp asking if aid and I responded yes via email, he then asked me to send a screen shot of payment via WhatsApp as they did not receive the email. Please not the email did go through as it did not ‘ bounce’ back.

Saturday morning 24th August I sent a WhatsApp that he must confirm receiving the funds, to which he answered Many thanks confirmed.

Monday 26th August before 11am morning I called my son to ask if the instructor arrived and he said no, I tried calling but I received no answer(I called from 3 different numbers still no answer). I wrote a message to let him know that the appointment time was not honoured and that he should contact me,I received a message at 15h31  -that the instructor’s wife passed away and I should reschedule.

Of course I was really taken by surprised as he did not contact me the morning to inform me. I then asked if he could refund me the money and I received a NO refunds given. I went to SATS Manenberg, Athlone to open a case but I was advised they cannot open case due to the NO refund – Bear in mind I was not communicated or signed a contract informing me of their terms.The police officer told me to go to small claims court -which I know can take forever.

I tried calling again after I left the police station and wrote another message asking for their location of offices so that I can go there, to which he responded he will call me but he did not and advised their offices is ion Darling street, yet the website says Doncaster Road, Kenilworth.

This person is giving me the run around as I though ok I will rebook the class, which I did for today 27th August at14h00, no response yet again.

To my amazement I went to read the reviews on the website, and I was appalled as quite a few people were commenting on their non delivery of service and yet taking their monies, which now also happened with me.

I feel that I have been scammed in this instance as I paid the money upfront and no services received. This raises a huge concern that there is only 1 contact number and how many people has he been scamming and getting away by making lots of money.

I know I will not my money back but if this can be looked into as this person or persons is playing havoc with people making promises, taking the money and no services rendered.

I hereto attached the WhatsAPP messages between myself and the Company. And no response from received.

HoneyBee’s Invoice
WhatsApp chats:

Invoice paid and signed for – see signature.
15:45 – Honey Bee Driving School: Our instructor wife passed on
2019/08/26, 15:45 – Honey Bee Driving School: We sorry but cant help these sorts of stuff plz advice us wen noe to book
2019/08/26, 15:46 – Client: I am so sorry to hear of his wife’s passing…i do understand that things happen which are unforeseen
2019/08/26, 15:48 – Client: I would rather prefer if you could refund me the money as my son is very distraught and despondent
2019/08/26, 15:58 – Honey Bee Driving School: We don’t do refunds on packages we so sorry
2019/08/26, 16:08 – Client: You did not convey that to me when we spoke on the phone
2019/08/26, 16:12 – Client: Could you please send me your office address as i would want to meet with you
2019/08/26, 16:32 – Honey Bee Driving School: Same number
2019/08/26, 16:32 – Honey Bee Driving School: Plz contact our owner hes in jhb atm
2019/08/26, 16:35 – Client: I tried calling the number
2019/08/26, 16:36 – Client: No answer
2019/08/26, 16:36 – Client: How can the same number be for all your offices
2019/08/26, 16:37 – Client: I need the office address in Cape Town or where are you operating from
2019/08/26, 16:38 – Honey Bee Driving School: Greetings
Please can you send through
Dates and times of all your lessons
And I will book them for you
Today was unforeseen and unavoidable
Please receive my sincere apologies
I will await your lesson times
And ensure all goes 100% according to your instructions
Trust all is well
Kind Regards
2019/08/26, 16:39 – Client: Why don’t you have offices in Cape Town?
2019/08/26, 16:39 – Honey Bee Driving School: We have premises in Darling Street in Cape Town
2019/08/26, 16:40 – Honey Bee Driving School: That is booked by appointment
2019/08/26, 16:40 – Client: Can i please call and speak to you on the phone?
2019/08/26, 16:41 – Honey Bee Driving School: Will call within 12 minutes if ok
Soon as I exit this building with poor reception and noise
Kind Regards
2019/08/26, 16:41 – Client: Thank you i will await your call
2019/08/26, 16:41 – Honey Bee Driving School: ???? will do tnx
2019/08/26, 17:15 – Client: Still awaiting on your call which i suppose will never happen
2019/08/26, 17:17 – Client: I have to say the reviews of your business is very futile just read up on it if you are what you say your business are then put my money where your mouth is…its really a shame what you do yo people and don’t have any remorse or regrets about it
2019/08/27, 06:59 – Honey Bee Driving School: We are operating for 19 years at a consistent 4.7% rating. Our 1st complaint was last year when our director was off for a few months
2019/08/27, 06:59 – Honey Bee Driving School: Pls forward lesson dates and times
2019/08/27, 09:55 – Client: Good morning ..why would there be so many complaints on the reviews and why don’t you have offices that can be visited…so you want to say all those people that are writing comments are trying to sabotage your company?
2019/08/27, 09:57 – Client: Can the first lesson be done today at 14h00 then and who is the instructor and what type of vehicle will he be driving?
2019/08/27, 13:39 – Honey Bee Driving School: U should stop worrying about others and more about


From: SAIDI National <noreply@saidinational.org>
Sent: Thursday, 07 November 2019 9:25 AM
To: pat@saidinational.org
Subject: New message from

Being a tourist from germany I just have the moral obligation to pursue this…
I lost 1000 Rand plus the fee for an international money transfer by booking lessons via whatsapp with a driving school called
I secured my conversation with them…found out they might be associated with honeybee driving school mentioned on your complaint list already…anyway…two names popping up regularly….Nageeb ( mentioned in my chat) and another one Haniff…
There seems to be already a police report filed and I will do the same today….
If this is of interest to you please contact me….


From: SAIDI National <noreply@saidinational.org>
Sent: Thursday, 07 November 2019 5:04 PM
To: pat@saidinational.org
Subject: New message from xxxx

We were given details of a driving instructor, we paid R4000 for 20 lessons.
It is a father and son team, Nazeem and Riaaz. not only were they unreliable, they never completed the lessons for the money I paid for.

They promised to refund me but never did.

We are with another company who said that the instructor was incompetent and did not teach the correct way.

The contact details for Nazeem is 0767860006.

I am not sure if they are registered instructors or not but are not worthy to teach.

Thank you,