Urban Driving School

From: SAIDI National <pat@saidinational.org>
Sent: Tuesday, 24 April 2018 5:07 PM
To: pat@saidinational.org
Subject: New message from Pam Meyerowitz

Please add Urban Driving School to your blacklist. 060 398 3448 / 083 506 3462
Patrick and Trust are the instructors.
They supplied an un-roadworthy car (one brake light not working) to do a driving test. Refused to refund the money paid for the hire of the car for the test. Test sheet as proof.

– Pam Meyerowitz ( pam.meyerowitz@gmail.com )

We have attempted to phone both instructors and have left smsse’s saying we need their email address but have had NO response from this driving school.