When you go to book your learner’s licence test appointment:

Just for information, there are two types of DLTCs – Municipal and Provincial.

The offices are generally open from 8:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday, although some DLTCs (Driving Licence Testing Centres) also open on weekends.

Take the following documentation with you when you go to book a learner’s licence appointment:

  1. Your identity book.
  2. A photocopy of your identity book.
  3. The fee applicable in your Province.
  4. 2 black and white passport photos.
  5. Proof of residence. (although this is not asked for in most DLTCs, it is sometimes asked for in JOHANNESBURG).
  6. Some Driving Licence Testing Centres require an affidavit of your address, including a letter from the owner of the home, where applicable.

You will also need a black ballpoint pen, and something to press on, to avoid balancing it on someone’s back while standing waiting in the queue completing the form.


Here is the official e-ENaTIS “Application for a Learners Licence form” called LL1. LL1This is just for your information. You do not need to download it, because you will usually be handed a form by a security guard at the DLTC (Driving Licence Testing Centres). We do however warn you to NOT accept forms or offers to process them more quickly from individuals who pose as “runners”. These people are usually criminals whose sole interest is to rob you of your hard-earned cash.

Be prepared to wait in incredibly slow-moving queues for hours. There are seldom seats, toilet facilities, refreshments and definitely no card facilities, so cash is a requirement. Also note that some DLTCs  have implemented strange policies where doors are shut and people are turned away very early in the morning.

Service at DLTCs (Driving Licence Testing Centres) is sometimes incredibly quick and efficient, but at other times it is a time-wasting, inefficent exercise and anything but good customer service.

You will wait in a queue to secure a date. Queues are generally not sign-marked, so ask, or you could wait in the wrong queue for hours!

Queues to book a learners licence test appointment. None of them is marked. This is for your entertainment, and to test if you are likely to suffer from road rage later. (- Just joking! ) Be careful. Security cameras are recording your bad behavior:

Angry man blowing his top

  1. You will be handed an application form. Complete the form. Wait.
  2. Secure the date for your learner’s licence test. You will have no choice in the matter. You must take the date they allocate to you.
  3. Play “musical chairs” as you slowly shift forward in the eye test queue. You may be able to save time by having the eye-check done at a participating optomotrist (which is a free check). You will be permitted to hand the form in instead of waiting in yet another queue.
  4. Undergo an eye check. You need to press your forehead against a curved part of the machine, and tell the examiner which corner of a diamond shape is marked differently from the rest (left / right / top / bottom). The examiner marks the answer sheet according to your answers. He can tell if you need glasses or contact lenses for driving based on the results, or if your eyes are fine.
  5. Once that is done, you will still need to wait in another queue to pay at the cashier.
  6. Now for goodness sake don’t lose it. If you do, you will need to apply for a duplicate in a similar fashion. You would be crazy to want to go through that again!
  7. If you fail the learners licence test, you will need to do it all again, including the eye test.

On the day of your learner’s licence test, make sure that you are there early! If you are just a few minutes late you will not be permitted to do the test. A fee is charged to issue the learner’s licence. A learner’s licence is valid for two years.