Nowhere to practise!

Driving schools struggle to find suitable quiet areas in which to train new drivers safely, without disturbing local residents and other drivers.
Our first consideration must be our clients and easy accessibility.
We need to be able to offer them a short lesson usually of one or two hours in duration, near their homes or places of employment.
A residential area near Bellville in the Cape has recently been inundated with numerous trucks in their area.
Please see:
The trucks are being used for training learner drivers.
– Children can’t skateboard in the quiet streets any more.
– People can’t go for strolls around their own streets.
– Joggers are not safe when exercising.
– Diesel fumes and smoke pollute the air.
– The elderly are at risk just crossing the road.
– The residents feel threatened.
– They pay considerable rates and taxes and bought homes in quiet areas for that very reason.
– Now they are woken up very early on Sunday mornings, to hear noisy trucks going around and around their streets.
– It is only a matter of time before a learner driver has a crash and an uninsured instructor does not have dual controls to prevent very serious consequences.
We at SAIDI really do sympathize with the residents and understand their point of view, since we are also people who care for our neighbourhoods. Home should be a place of peace and quiet for everybody.
Actually, our presence is a crime deterrent:
It is an undeniable fact that while we are training novice drivers, we are patrolling the area, and would soon spot any crime being committed, which is a deterrent to would-be criminals.
We need areas to train new drivers!
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