Driver Training paramount to road safety

SAIDI, constituted to be the training institute for driving instructors in the country, is equipped to serve the population by introducing a fully-comprehensive, standardised, driver training programme for every driver instructor in South Africa to equip and empower them to train many, many others to be safe, law-compliant competent drivers.

We believe it is critical to begin to build the training centre for driving instructors as a matter of great urgency, because the road deaths in South Africa are astronomical!

In fact, we presented this proposal at the First International Road Safety Convention in 2009, but despite massive public interest and enthusiasm for this proposal, nothing has come of it.

It was also accepted in principle at the Technical Committee meeting in Kimberley on 6 October 2015.

We believe every person presently working in any capacity as a driving instructor, whether legally or illegally, should be required by the Government to present themselves for a fully-subsidised three-month training block.

We have training material already available, and a stunning business plan that will rock the Nation, benefiting everybody, except paedophiles, street racers, runaway truck drivers and other criminals bent on killing our people!

At the Road Traffic Summit meeting on 26th March 2012, the enthusiasm of the driving instructors towards the idea of driving instructor training was amazing to see. That hall was jam-packed. There was barely standing-room and there was great audience participation too. Driving Instructors clamoured for training!

Clearly, driving instructors want to be trained to a very high standard.

Thank God! In the majority they are well aware of their responsibilities.

SAIDI is geared up and “raring to go” to train the Nation’s drivers, particularly in view of the fact that the Honourable Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters, was quoted on Radio 702, as saying that the lack of driver training is responsible for the carnage on the road.

While we at SAIDI freely acknowledge that the need for visible, just and lethally sharp law enforcement; prevention of testing officials issuing undeserved driving licences; the stopping of the practise of taking short cuts by passing Code C driving licence tests, in order to drive a light motor vehicle, (then finding themselves totally incompetent when they begin to drive cars); the lack of actual testing for PrDP licences; and large numbers of un-roadworthy vehicles due to economic circumstances and poverty, also play a major role in road crashes, we are in a position, as professional driving instructors, to play a major role by training, training, training of instructors, to train thousands of safe new drivers. 

All we need is the Government’s go-ahead and the correct legislation to allow us to get started on a large scale, provided funding is made available. This is where the private sector could really help. If your company believes in driver training being an essential element of road safety for all South Africans, please contact us.

We know we can convince you that this is the way to go! You could be credited later with saving thousands, no millions, of lives by sponsoring our project.

Please note: SAIDI Members are all legal driving instructors, under our Code of Conduct, many of whom are qualified SAQA Accredited Assessors and Moderators.

SAIDI has driving instructors among st its members who are qualified to train drivers in all codes of licences.

We at SAIDI believe we need to train the trainers first, who will then train driving instructors in every official language in the country, in a centre with 11 floors – one for every one of our official languages.

We are convinced that we can change the road fatality rate within 10 years!