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Curriculum Vitae:   Curriculum Vitae 21st May 2017

National President of SAIDI since 2009 and a Director of SAIDI.

Voting member of the SABS baby safety restraint committee;

Member of SABS Adapted vehicles for people with disabilities.

Have proposed that the SABS set standards for dual control systems for driving school vehicles.

Director of JPSA – See:

A member of the working group of the RTMC / QCTO curriculum for driving schools. See the final draft for comments here:

2017 08 11_Final Driving School Instructor Curriculum for comments and inputs

The Professional Driving Academy, where nothing but the best is good standard of training is good enough for you!

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Pat Allen – Advanced Driving Instructor – National President SAIDI will be your personal coach


Why do so many people expect driving cars to be beaten-up pieces of scrap? At Professional Driving Academy you are treated well. So don’t worry! Relax and have fun while being trained to the highest standards. Enjoy your lessons!


Reflective branding behind the vehicle warns other drivers that someone is possibly undergoing training. This protects us from a rear-end collision if you stall!


Electronic handbrake, hill-assist, park-assist, ABS, 6 air-bags, and best of all electronic power steering never goes tight and stiff during “yard work” training.

Dear Learner Driver,

Passing your driving licence is going to make a BIG difference in your life!

Do you want to be a safe, defensive driver all your life, with a crash-free record?

Why should you be trained in an un-roadworthy, uninsured vehicle, which is not fitted with dual control pedals, by an illegal unregistered driving instructor who might run away with your money? 

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. you get to drive a brand new Audi Q3, which is an absolute dream to drive! It is fitted with 3 dual-control pedals which have passed German ISO standards. It has 6 airbags to keep you very safe too.

20141108_Photo of dual control pedals

Fat Duals imported from Holland, have passed German ISO standards,. In the event of an emergency, when you need a little help, we have got it covered!

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. you will be trained properly –

from the basics, (theoretically and practically), right up to an advanced level.

Pat Allen, ex Woman Driver of the Year for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, believes that EVERY learner driver deserves to be trained to an advanced, defensive standard of driving. (skid pan excluded)

Since 1979 thousands of drivers have passed under her training and remained safe, responsible, confident drivers.

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. you are given the very best in driver training, because you will NOT be trained just to pass the driving licence test.

You will be trained to be a defensive driver right from the start.

Services offered:

  • Learners’ licences training, (including unique training for dyslexic clients);
  • Driving licence training (K53 standard, together with defensive driving standards – Code B); Since 1979 to date
  • Company Defensive Driver Training drastically reduces insurance claims; e.g. GP. Retail Operations
  • TETA accredited Assessor / Moderator;
  • Rehabilitative evaluations of drivers who have suffered traumatic brain injuries;
  • Refresher training for the public;
  • Defensive driver training for nervous or traumatised drivers;
  • Newcomers to South Africa classes ;
  • Instructor training / refresher courses since 2001;
  • Taxi driver training; (e.g. SOLLDTA taxi drivers underwent training in 2010 before the World Soccer Cup)
  • Have prepared fully comprehensive Power Point training programs namely:
  • Regulatory and warning signs (scanned from the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996.
  • Guidance / Informative / Painted road markings/ traffic signals above
  • Rules of the Road
  • K53 for driving instructors
  • The vital “Attitudes of Drivers” programme
  • Personalized Company Power Point training

For anyone in the transport industry!
Together, we have the means to reduce the South African road fatality rate radically within the next few years.

Of course, you would expect to pay much much more for this quality of training, but actually you will find that the lessons are charged at a very competitive price – there is even an option to pay the course off!

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