K53 Manuals

National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)

National Road Traffic Regulations, 1999

Chapter XIV : Transitional provisions, repeal of regulations, and title and commencement

The South African Driving Licence Test Standard is called the “K53 test.”

Some people believe it is a money-making racket, but that is nonsense.

It is defensive driving when correctly interpreted and applied.

Members approve in general but would like to be involved when it is upgraded.

We can contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the K53 test as a means to train safe drivers in South Africa.

The foundation training of every driver is key to how he or she will drive in the future.

1. English Light Motor Vehicles Part 1

2. English Light Motor Vehicles Part 2

3. Heavy Duty Part 1

4. Heavy Duty Part 2

5. Motor Cycles Part 1 Codes A and A1

6.Motor Cycles Part 2 Codes A and A1

7. Light Motor Vehicle Combinations EB Part 1

8. Light Motor Vehicle Combinations EB Part

a. Ligte Motor Voertuie 1

b. Ligte Motor Voertuie 2

c. Swaarmotorvoertuie 1 

d. Swaarmotorvoertuie 2

e. Motorfietse 1 Kodes A and A1

f. Motorfietse 2 Kodes A and A1

g. Ligtemotorvoertuie EB 1

h. Ligtemotorvoertuie EB 2