SAIDI Members can work together at times to serve our clients even better, when necessary


One of our dedicated SAIDI Members was busy practising with a young woman in a training ground.

He was about to take her for her test but she was experiencing some serious emotional problems at that moment.

Being sensitive to his client’s needs, and a committed Christian, he strolled over to a female SAIDI member, and asked if they could swap clients for a short while, so that a woman could talk to her to try to calm her down. He then continued to train her student, not interfering, but supporting her own training techniques.

She sat in the car with his student to hear what was troubling the young woman. Having done two years of Christian Counselling as a layperson, she was able to pin point what the root of the young woman’s problems might be. This was amazing to the client and gave her a new perspective on why she was struggling to overcome her nerves, despite having received excellent training from her instructor.

She calmed down almost completely and stopped crying, saying she had a lot to think about. When they separated, she was apparently much calmer girl.

She and her instructor then together decided to postpone her test to give her the necessary time to work through the new ideas. He also decided, out of the goodness of his heart, to give her free additional lessons, until they both felt she was ready for her test.

She was delighted to pass some time later, and sent the following (edited for confidentiality of all concerned) message to him, which he suggested we place on our website as an example of how co-operation between SAIDI members can lead to a calm and well-balanced client, who feels ready not only to pass, but to drive competently in the future, unshackled by issues which gave rise to her extreme distress.

All too often, (in fact, in general), it is standard practise to put a new client behind the wheel of the vehicle and simply teach them to drive, without considering the client’s history, which can at times include some very traumatic experiences, such as witnessing serious crashes, losing a loved one to a shocking crash, or personal experiences of a horrific nature.  This type of experience can cripple a client, making it nearly impossible to become comfortable and confident when driving. A holistic approach needs to be considered. People are not machines, so we need to meet them all at their point of need and not put puppets on the road who can perform certain “tricks” to pass, but who then drive with terror every time they need to travel somewhere. Many licenced drivers elect not to drive again if they can avoid it, or only drive under certain ideal conditions. This is not the freedom we were destined to experience.The truth sets us free. Attitude and emotional stability are critical to safe driving. This is an integral part of the “missing link” featured on our Home page. So when we talk about driver education, we have much more in mind than just driving. Emotional balance is essential in every driver at all times.

This whole subject is of intense interest. One of our members was assessing drivers for a company when the company owner began spontaneously to mention his bad childhood experiences. That explained a lot! He had struggled for a lifetime with conflicting emotions, veering from fear to anger, which sometimes were so strong that he was afraid of his potential to go too far. They discussed the matter and he was so surprised to realise what the possible root-cause of these strong emotions was. He went away somewhat disturbed but ready to take control of the situation.

How many drivers (men and women) are ready to explode with frustration on our roads, and how many South Africans are seriously affected by issues from their past?

From politicians and statesmen, from mother to fathers, to wild irresponsible youths, to vagrants who have simply given up, we need to get to the bottom of this, so that we can address it effectively and enjoy a life of freedom in our beautiful country, where we can fulfill our destiny without being consumed with fear, anger, guilt, condemnation, insecurities, rebellion, greed to make more and more money etc. rage, etc.  Let us leave the past where it belongs, and walk forward into our new lives unshackled by all these horrible, debilitating emotions which are potentially lethal on our roads; cause us humiliation, worry, guilt, embarrassment, and so on.

Just read the client’s ecstatic email, which was forwarded to our offices:

Sent: 29 October 2013 07:47 PM
Subject: Fwd: Website Message

Good evening,

This is the reply from XXX,  you you had talked to at the parking practise grounds.

She passed her driving test two weeks ago.

Thank you for your assistance, –  you know what I am talking about. I asked you to talk with her as she was very emotional.

We had helped each other for no gain at all in order to put an safe, competent driver on the road. 

Her further training and test was done absolutely free of charge. After you had talked to her, I felt that we need to do something without the gaining.

Kind regards

(Name removed for the purposes of promoting the potential of SAIDI’s services, not individual members.)

Name (name removed for client confidentiality)
Message As dit nie vir XXX en Tannie XXX was nie sou ek nie my lisensie NOOIT gehad het nie. XXX leer mens nie net om te bestuur nie hy het my geleer hoe om een van die mees stressvolste situasies moontlik te hanteer en dit is iets wat ek vir die res van my lewe saam my sal dra. GEDULT!!! Ek werk in \”special education\” en het nie naastenby soveel gedult soos hy nie. Sy kennis van sy veld is ongelooflik en ek kan met eerlikheid se ek het elke keer iets geleer as ek in die kar geklim het. (en glo my daar was \’n paar keer) Tannie XXX het my op \’n hele ander veld gehelp. :)Dankie Tannie. My ervaring van XXX was ongelooflik!! Ek sal met \’n geruste hart en opgewondenheid enige iemand daarheen verwys!XXX jy\’t gese ek mag dit nie se nie maar jy is my Hero!! Nie net oor die lisensie nie maar ook omdat jy elke keer na AL my nosnsens geluister het en advies gegee het. Hulle bele in mense nie net in die kry van jou lisensie nie. BAIE BAIE BAIE dankie! Dit is vir my \’n voorreg gewees om hulle te leer ken.


While free lessons are unfortunately not something we can promise other clients, what we can promise to do is to co-operate to try to serve our new drivers better when necessary in order to put excellent drivers on our roads, and not add to the already serious road fatality statistics.