From: Name removed by agreement

Sent: 22 August 2014 11:18 AM

As per our telephone conversation , I chose XXX Driving School because my colleague at work was already using them & I saw it convenient for me because they come to me.

  • We agreed on a 10 lessons package (R1100)over the phone & then made payment , confirmed by phone
  • 1st lesson had to be postponed because I didn’t bring my learner’s licence & I wasn’t informed to do so by the instructor.
  • When I asked for a receipt from the instructor, he told me to call their office, instead he gave me a piece of paper(attached) that had my driving dates, terms & conditions & other info.
  • According to the piece of paper they gave me, their instructor didn’t give me any feedback forms, not even once I was thought in & out side pre-trip inspection,no progress reports were done.
  • My lessons dates were: 16th , 17th ,21st ,23rd ,28th ,29th July 4th ,6th Aug , 2 lessons reserved for the day of the my test.
  • I only got lessons on 16th , 17th ,21st ,23rd July then the owner phoned to postpone 28th & 29th & promised to call me back for new dates.
  • I then went to make my appointment for my test & got 27th August , I immediately phoned the owner & this was shortly after he postponed 28th & 29th dates.
  • After a couple of back & forth calls between me & him he suggested a refund because & I agreed because I was running out of time.
  • The refund is R660 , since end of July I’ve been chasing after him for my money & all he does is give me all sorts of excuses.
  • Not even once he has returned one of my calls & e-mails every time he promises to.
  • This week Monday he promised to bring my money to my work & never did , as usual he never phoned instead I’m chasing after him all the time , yesterday he said he was on his way to town & he’ll phone me but never did.
  • This man has wasted 4 weeks of potential lessons , I could have gone to another driving school but because he didn’t give me my money , I will also loose the money I used to book as well.
  • This morning 22nd August his cell phone was off & he’s not answering his land line , knowing I’ll be following up on him.


I’ve had it with this guy’s excuses & he doesn’t show any concern because I’m the one who’s been making all the communication. Please help


SAIDI referred this complaint to the relevant Provincial Authorities, and here is the outcome:

From: Name removed by agreement

Date:17/09/2014 10:46 (GMT+02:00)

To: Provincial Authority (name removed);


Good morning all , I would like to thank you guys for your help in the matter between me & XXX Driving School. SAIDI, thank you for showing interest , commitment & the referral , Mr XXX for going out of your way to assist in a matter that was not your job & making sure there was closure , sacrificing your time to make sure this matter was dealt with without any quarrels, most importantly for making sure I was fully yesterday.

Thank you very much & I hope this will never happen to anyone again.

We would like to that that Provincial Department very sincerely for taking the trouble to follow up on this complaint. We know that with their help this matter has been successfully resolved.