Spins wheels on incline – fails test


Another illegal failure was experienced for a wheel spin on the incline in the yard test. For this only one point out of 50 (maximum permitted points before failing), should have been deducted.

According to the K53 Manual for Light Motor Vehicles, Module 17, Incline Start

Note B:
Should the applicant spin the wheels when moving off, he/she shall be penalised for:
(1) Move ……………………………………………

According to the pupil, he reported:

“The vehicle I was driving is a front wheel drive vehicle and the paint in the yard was new and therefore the wheels spun on the paint. I did not roll the vehicle. The examiner admitted that he was not aware that only 1 point should have been deducted for such an error even though this is clearly stated in the K53 Manual/guidelines.

In order for me to take this test on Wednesday March I had spent many hours and thousands of rands on driving lessons. I also had to take time off from my university studies, missing an important test and very important lectures.

As the error is that of the examiner this appeal is for permission to retake the test as soon as possible and for the Road Transportation Board to reimburse me for all the costs that I have incurred, including R900.00 paid to the Driving Instructor for his time in taking me to the testing station, and will incur in having to go for more lessons to prepare me for another driver’s licence examination. The re-test has to be taken at Boekenhoutskloof in Pretoria and there will also be a financial expense in getting there to re-take the test.

I look forward to your favourable response to this appeal.”

The appeal was granted and the applicant had to be re-tested but was not compensated for all the emails and additional costs to re-do the test. This is totally unacceptable.