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Office 0137

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Fri 2013/09/20 02:34 PM

I would like to lodge a complaint against Jabbs Driving School.

A couple of months ago, a friend referred me to Jabbs, the owner of the driving school I assume, for lessons in driving. At first he told me that he charges R1500 for 10 lessons and the learner’s license comes free as a package special. Judging by the way the lessons were going and having no prior experience in driving, I didn’t think 10 lessons would be sufficient so he told me that there’s another package, an unlimited lessons package he called it and that it costs R4500 which I paid in full. We did lessons and the whole experience was agonising to say the least because he was ALWAYS late for lessons, I had to “remind” him constantly that we have lessons that day and he would constantly reschedule and sometimes never pitch up for the lesson telling me that after work is just too late for him to do lessons. I paid for a service, but according to him it seemed that he would provide only according to his terms.

So I was fed up with his attitude and lack of professionalism and decided to cancel the unlimited package to the original 10 lessons I was initially going to do, by then, we only did 8 lessons and I was even prepared to forfeit them and register with a different driving school. He told me blatantly that I will never get my money back, which would be R3000, lied and said we did more than 8 lessons to a the friend he referred me to.

When my mother asked him about his instructor certificate, he was just rude and disrespectful to her, saying it’s not her business to even ask that. This guy has no shame at all to admit that he used my money to fix his car. Honestly, I want nothing to do with him and at the moment, I’m willing to lose that R3000 I worked so hard for just to expose him and make sure that nobody suffers the misfortune I did.

I am prepared to lose that R3000 just to make sure people know what kind of a person Jabbs is, if it means that he stops being an instructor, so be it!


Please find attached, the receipt he gave me as proof of payment. I actually had to hold back from giving him the initial payment of R1500 because he wouldn’t give me proof of payment and he suggested that he only wants the money cash so I wasn’t comfortable just giving him the money without any proof that I paid him. This is the attachment named “receipt_front”. The second attachment(receipt_back) is a written statement from him stating that I gave him R4500. I had to force him to write this because he just wanted to change the R1500 on the initial receipt to R4500, but this will be viewed as void because he still has R1500 written out in words. I made him sign the statement too.



Wednesday 25th September 2013

SAIDI sent Jabbs Driving School an email via one of the many free adverts he uses on the internet advising him that we have received a complaint, and supplying him with this URL. No reply has been received yet.