Bad tests:


Poor testing techniques – tell us your experiences:

While we like and respect the work many examining officers do, there are always those who behave in a way which indicates that they enjoy the power they have over people’s lives. A learner driver is naturally very tense the day they do their driving licence test. Some examiners take advantage of that, by behaving in a way which is disappointing. They do not care to treat a new driver fairly, such as in this reported case from a member:

Instructions from examiners while driving:

After several incidents that, according to some of my students, as far as they were concerned, were too late to make a safe, controlled manoeuvre either to turn right or left, or change lanes, by certain examiners during their tests, I implemented the ‘route-planning-strategy’.

A safety conscious driver would always plan their next action ahead of time as the foremost key to correct technique.

Route planning is a key component of K53 defensive driving, without which, the driver has severely limited options should a situation arise.

My students are thus now instructed by me to ask the examiner ‘where-to-next’ to enable them to plan a safe execution of what is to be expected of a ‘good’ driver.

Today an examiner told my student to “stop asking him questions and to just concentrate on the road ahead. He would tell her where to turn.”

Frankly, this I find unacceptable.

As a very experience driver myself, I would never drive a route given to me by a person navigating us without being able to gain information from the person to enable me to make safe and correct decisions ahead of time.

Being told blindly left, right, right left gives the driver no time to plan and execute that plan, or make a second or third option should emergencies arise.

By no means am I implying that the examiner is targeting my students, I am merely stating the facts as to obtain clarity in what is the correct and safe way for a driver to perform their actions.

I would greatly appreciate your professional opinion in this regard.


Yours truly,

Burkie Murray

DriveWell  Motoring  School.

P.O. Box 1316



Contact Number.  072-226-8199


We ask examiners to be fair to our learner drivers. Test them strictly please, but fairly. Please give clear and concise instructions in good time to allow them time to plan their route.

Here is another amazing report of poor testing techniques. Instead of increasing the test route, the examiner unbelievably demands that the learner drivers should drive at unsafe slow speed to extend his too short test route to the minimum time limit, which, by the way he apparently does not apply correctly to the 20 minutes and 59 seconds.

RE: Instructions from examiners regarding ‘time use on a test’.

Yesterday I had an incident that puzzles me greatly. An examiner told me that my student finished the driving part of the test ‘way too fast,’ and thus should actually fail his test.

He then proceeded to ask me at what speed a student should be driving on the open stretch of the road from our test station to town. I replied I advise my students to travel a relaxed 50 to 55 km per hour. Not too fast as to get too close to the speed limit potentially exceeding it, and not too slow as to back up traffic entering town, which could lead to accidents by irritated drivers behind me trying to overtake on this stretch of road.

The examiner was not impressed and ‘corrected’ me by ‘advising’ me to teach students to drive 40 km per hour and slow down severely in town as to make up time to complete his set out route in the given 20 minutes.

He told me that my student should gain an extra 120 points against him for doing the test in the time he did.

I asked the examiner if my student at any time exceeded the speed limit? He replied no. I asked the student the same question and got the same reply. The student added he stuck to the instructions as given by me and added that to his recollection never exceeded around 30 to 40 in the town area.

I then asked the examiner if he thought it wise to instruct me to teach new drivers to drive so slowly that they potentially could cause road-rage from drivers backing up behind my students? He did not seem pleased by my question.

I asked him if the route he chose for the student could be extended to allow for his requested 20 min? I was told that he is helping me by advising me to edit my way of teaching.

I welcome any advice that would make better drivers out of my students and a better instructor out of myself. I by no means claim to know everything or nearly enough. Regarding years of experience in driving instruction I am still wet behind the ears compared to this examiner and thus by no means am trying to upstage him. I crave knowledge to ensure that we end up with safer and more safety aware drivers on our roads.

But seriously, am I to be expected to teach ‘tricks’ to pass a test or produce ‘good’ sensible defensive drivers?

My student was marked very strictly (which I welcome) but passed at the end by the examiner.

I am confused – A month ago I was approached by the Thabazimbi Chamber of Commerce who enquired from me what could be done regarding the driving schools that are backing up traffic in town, as it disrupts business and could lead to accidents as backed up vehicles frequently overtake illegally in rage disrupting on coming traffic.

I now think I understand why the other driving schools are teaching their students to crawl and take forever at stop signs.

I cannot, and will not do this. I would sooner stop teaching than teaching students to potentially cause accidents.

In December 2012 when I started teaching, a fellow driving school operator kindly advised me to keep a low profile and not ever say a word if I feel things are not as they should be. He said that it’s best not to attract attention around here. Being a small town I can understand how voicing my opinions could potentially harm my business.

I, under no circumstances, wish to wage war with any person. I am a peace- loving, law abiding rule follower, who would like nothing else than getting on with everyone. I just do not know how to handle the events that I find ‘possibly’ incorrect without upsetting a few egos. I have no intent or wish to cause upset to anyone. My greatest concern is that we in this town might be training students to perform tricks and not to drive safe and correctly?

I receive regular complaints from the public that we as driving schools are causing a nuisance on the road and can categorically concur with the public as witness to this daily that most driving schools are driving way too slowly and taking excessively long at stop streets.

This has led to a uniform disregard for road safety and regulations by the public who end up overtaking driving school vehicles at inappropriate times whiles hooting and swearing.

I would greatly appreciate your professional opinion in this regard.

Yours truly,

Burkie Murray

DriveWell  Motoring  School.

P.O. Box 1316



Contact Number.  072-226-8199



Should we as driving instructors be forced by examining officers to produce slow drivers who hold the traffic up, or should those examiners be corrected? We think the answer is very, very clear. Why should driving instructors lives be made miserable by examiners threatening to fail their students when they were correctly taught and applying what they were taught? This is yet another example of a small man in a job where he can and does wield power over those who have no recourse. That is what we aim to change here!


Here is another report by a very distressed and absolutely furious member who is in fact in a position to know the correct application of the law, since he was previously a Public Prosecutor. See his webpage: SAIDI Members, Pretoria, Lewis Richard John Lennox. It is hardly surprising that he is so angry! His pupil was unfairly failed while performing a “Turn in the Road” more commonly known as a “Three Point Turn” at Temba DLTC, because his vehicle was across the centre of the road during the course of the action! No small wonder that he is furious. It is impossible NOT to be over the middle of the road during this manoeuvre. No examiner in their right mind would fail a person for this. The length of the vehicle means it will go over the middle of the road as they complete the first turn to the right, before reversing, then going forward.

……………..Ek het na die Temba Polisie Diens gegaan ten einde ‘n kriminele klag te gaan lê teen die toets beampte, wie my leerling opsetlik onwettig gedruip het, en soos ek verwag het het, is daar vir my vertel dat dit ‘n seviele aangeleentheid is deur n senior polisie beampte, en ek nie ‘n klag kan lê teen die toets beampte nie. Ek dink dit was wys van my om eerder stil te bly. Duidelik het die betrokke polisie beampte nie geweet dat ek die ook n polisie beampte was nie, en het sy ‘n dwaas van haarself gemaak. Ek redeneer nie met ‘n dwaas nie. 

Kan jy moontlik n persoon wie sulke aangeleenthede ondersoek in die verkeers departement se kontak besonderhede aan my voorsien? Ek wil graag ‘n volledige verslag aan die persoon stuur. Ek gaan maar nou in die verslag die blik wurms oopmaak en dan kyk of daar dan iets gaan gebeur. Ek sal egter eers die verslag aan jou voorlê vir goedkeuring. 

Ek gaan ‘n volledige verslag opstel van al die korrupte en onwettige toetse van toets beamptes waarmee ek as instrukteur ten doen gehad het, dit sluit die hoofde van toets sentrum in. 

Ek moet vir jou sê dat ek nou begin verstaan hoekom leerling bestuurders hul lisensies onwettig koop, want ek sien hulle punt in. Dit begin vir my ook sin maak. 

Ek begin nou ook te verstaan waarom mense bestuur sonder geldige bestuurders lisensies. Ek stem egter glad nie saam hiermee nie, maar as die toets beamptes nie by die wette van hierdie land hou nie, hoekom moet voertuig bestuurders? Of hulle sal ten minste so redeneer. Dit is juis waar die publiek begin om reg in eie hande te neem as gevolg van ‘n gebrek aan wets toepassing. 

Ek moet eerlik met jou wees dat ek dit inteendeel oorweeg om hierdie beroep eerder te los ten koste van my gewete. Hoe die hel kan daar toegelaat word dat sulke onwettighede plaasvind, en al antwoord wat gegee word is dat die applikant kan appelleer? Dit is net eenvoudig nie reg nie, of ek moet maar eenvoudig  nie omgee nie? Dit sal ‘n verkragting van my gewete veroorsaak. 

Ek kan nie meer dink  wat my as instruteur te doen staan ten opsigte van onwettighede wat plaasvind en ek kan niks doen nie!!! 

Ek gaan maar in die vervolg waar ‘n klient van my onwettig gedruip word of gedruip word asgevolg van die toets beampte se onkunde, my leerling inlig om maar eerder ‘n prokureur te gaan sien. Ek sal wel behulpsaam wees. 

Goeie instrukteure se integniteit word deur swak, onkundige en wetsoortreeder toestbeamptes in ‘n swak lig gestel. Die indruk word geskep dat so ‘n instrukteur verkeerde opleiding aan die klient gegee het. 

As die toets sentrums gebruik maak van (Puppets) om ‘n baie belangrike toets te doen sal ek maar seker moet begin puppet opleidig te gee.


Ek het dit met ‘n vorige verslag duidelik gestel dat indien sekere toets beamptes weer een van my leerling toets ek die toets sal stop.

Ek wil hê dat hulle my aankla omdat ek ingemeng het met die toets beampte. Ek wil hê die Hof moet na my luister, en glo my die Hof sal weer ‘n uitspraak gee soos die uitspraak maande gelede wat ewe skielik die Departement van Transport laat optree het.

Pat hou hiedrie verslag, sodat wanneer daar teen my opgetree gaan word is dit al lankal alreeds op rekord dat daar wel probleme is met sekere toets beamptes, toets sentrums en hoofde van toets sentrums. Sodat die Hof kan sien dat ek alles in my vermoë gedoen het vir ‘n oplossing maar kon dit nie vind nie. Die Departement van transport sal moet gaan kyk na ‘n uitgewysde saak (S v Van Wyk) wat vandag nog toepassing vind. Die punt wat ek hier wil maak is dat ek geen ander keuse het, om ‘n toets beampte wie ek weet nie bevoeg is om ‘n toets te kan doen nie, te stop.

Ek is ‘n SAIDI lid en wil SAIDI nie in ‘n slegte lig plaas nie, ek sal eerder bedank. Maar ek glo dat dit wat ek wil doen tog tot SAIDI se  voordeel is, My integriteit staan. Hoekom het die toetsbeampte dit aan my klient gedoen? Dis net nie regverdig nie, maar onwettig ingevolge die Pad verkeers wet. 

It is this type of ridiculous failure that makes our blood boil!

This is not a game, where examiners can play with people’s futures. The public have done everything by the book, legally and correctly. They have paid for a course of driving lessons, and practiced for hours to perfect their driving skills. No examining officer has the right to look for reasons to fail people as was seen at Centurion one day.

A pupils was busy performing the “Turn in the Road” during her driving licence test. The examiner called out to her as she was starting to go forward for the third and last movement. The pupil stopped the car and asked what she had said. The examiner promptly failed her for not finishing on the left side of the road!

That is just mean and spiteful and nothing else. That young woman had a desperate need for a driving licence, and in all likelihood, still does not have one several years later. She was trying to get a licence to find work to provide for herself and her baby. It was a truly hateful thing to do!