Andries van Zyl – Andries Driving School – Relocated to the coast

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Cell: (+27) 82 786 1085

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Andries Van Zyl owns Andries Driving School in Randburg.

Andries has provided SAIDI with his instructor’s certificate for Code B, as well as a certified copy of his id book.

He operates in Randburg [+10km radius]. Andries is a dedicated, very supportive driving instructor.

He is a reserved quiet man and gets on with his work helping his learner drivers to gain confidence.

Not one to blow his own trumpet, he seldom sends us testimonies but here is one example:

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We have received this glowing testimony about him from a former pupil:

Nicole Webb – 24 February 2012

From: Nicole Webb [mailto: removed for security]
Sent: 24 February 2012 09:13 AM
Subject: Comment on Driving School

To whom it may concern:

I had 3 driving lessons from Andries van Zyl in order for me to go do my license on the 22 February 2012.  And let me tell you, I got my drivers license all thanks to Andries. He has been very patient and helpful to get me ready for the big day. He has taught me not to rush through my test, to relax and also gave me the confidence (which I did not have in the beginning) for not failing my drivers license. If anyone is in need for a good driving instructor, I would highly recommend Andries van Zyl.

Thank you for your professional and friendly services, I really do appreciate it. Andries will now be part of my past as the instructor that helped me to get over my fear for the Licensing department and to go out and get my license. 🙂

Nicole Webb

06062010 SAIDI - SOLLDTAAndries van Zyl and Len Lennox with SOLLDTA Taxi Union leaders


Andries joined us in Soshanguve when we were involved in Taxi Driver training in 2010, just before the World Soccer Cup.

The excitement was fever-pitch. Andries’s big motor-bike was of great interest to the community too!

Feel free to contact this bilingual, amiable driving instructor.