invite road safety summit 3 final approved 26 September 2013

We are sick and tired of being invited to one gigantic function (costing a small fortune) after another!
How many more times must we complain about the non-stop party-throwing pomp and ceremony meetings where guest speaker after guest speaker appeals to those in authority to take effective action!

We are really disenchanted because there is no money for training driving instructors, but there is always money, month after month to squander the resources of the Government on banquet after banquet – with gifts handed out to every “delegate”.
What is this?
An ego-stroking exercise?
Does nobody have a conscience?

How seriously do those in authority take road safety in South Africa if they refuse to allocate funds to train every driving instructor to the nth degree to start addressing road carnage in the country where it starts – at the new driver level?

Last Modified: September 29, 2013