2017 – Failed promised by the RTMC

SAIDI was represented at meetings throughout the year, together with the RTMC and QCTO, and other Stakeholders in the driving school industry as we, together began the process of setting a curriculum in place for driving instructors.

This was accepted on 7th September 2017 and submitted to QCTO for approval.

It involved an enormous sacrifice of two days a week from March to September, in some cases flying up from KZN and booking accommodation and cancelling work.

We were promised by Dr Moyana of RTMC that we would be paid a “stipend” for our time and expertise by 7th November 2017.

This did not happen, with no explanation. We are expected to do the same thing this year to assist the Government to develop the modules for this qualification. Since we are self-supporting through our own work, and receive no salaries, this becomes a big drain on our resources.

Failed promises are totally unacceptable.