Driving Instructors of South Africa need standardized training – SAIDI has solutions!

SAIDI has extensive plans for every driving instructor in South Africa to be trained to the highest possible standard, comparable to International standards, to suit South African conditions, provided the support of the Government – appointed Minister of Transport can be enlisted. Alternatively, if the Corporate Sector would like to be part of the solution to teh ongoing road carnage in South Africa, please contact us!


We are geared to “train the trainers” to prepare a large contingent of excellent driving instructors to offer the same training across the board, to meet the need of all the whole driving population in the country.


We believe there can be no compromise when it comes to road safety. This is a matter of life and death, when we consider the devastation just one driver can cause. (with reference to the horror crash on N12 on 14th October 2014, when one driver crashed into 49 vehicles, killing 4 people and injuring countless others.)


So we believe the time is over to stop talking about road safety.


SAIDI has workable solutions!


Now it is time to accept our God-given responsibility and to train the Nation’s drivers, to reduce the official road fatality statistics (an official average statistic of 14 000 people a year, which might feasibly actually be as high as 22 000 according to a highly-experienced practising paramedic), and get down to teaching the public new ways of protect themselves from becoming victims of other drivers’ bad driving.


We either train drivers comprehensively, covering defensive and advanced training techniques, or we don’t do it at all.


Our plan includes:

  1. refresher course for experienced drivers, with insurance benefits;
  2. upgrading the defensive driving standards of all licenced drivers;
  3. thorough and comprehensive learner’s licence training directly from the National Road Traffic Act.
  4. new driver training;
  5. “finishing off” lessons
  6. pre-primary school children;
  7. primary school pupils;
  8. high school pupils;
  9. foreigners and immigrants;
  10. habitual offenders;
  11. people with disabilities, such as paraplegics and quadriplegics;
  12. pregnant mothers, mothers with babies and children;
  13. senior drivers; people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries,
  14. Extensive and comprehensive driving instructor training.

and it provides many unexpected additional benefits to the community as a whole.


Please contact us if you want to be part of the solution!