Zanke Enos Mhlongo – Eno’s Driving Academy


Contact details:

082 809 7472

011 410 1016

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Enos has been a SAIDI member for many years – almost from when it was started in 1977.


He is able to speak all, or almost all official languages in South Africa which is one of the reasons he was elected as National President of SAIDI from 1996 to 14th May 2009. We at SAIDI wanted to reach every driving instructor in the country in order to reduce the road fatality statistics.

 He is a multi-talented man who is an ordained Priest in the Anglican church, and has also been very active in the taxi situation in the country. He is a diplomatic person who is highly intelligent. He is able to calm crowds who become aggressive with his quiet way of reasoning. We know him to stretch his legs out in a relaxed way, with heavily-lidded eyes, smiling gently, and ever charming. He has always worked in the driver training industry. He can remember times when he was not permitted to have an office in “white” business districts. Thankfully those days are over, yet, despite political changes in the country, tragically the bloodshed on our roads continues to increase dramatically. It is heartbreaking!

Sadly. he too has lost a child, his adult daughter, in a tragic incident which involved a part of a truck’s engine flying out of the bonnet of the truck, and killing her outright as she and her husband and daughter drove past on the freeway. Such a senseless tragedy! Unroadworthy vehicles have no place on our roads, yet so many vehicles are driven indefinitely due to poverty and neglect, when they should have been scrapped years ago.

Enos has full TETA accreditation as an Assessor and Moderator, as well as a Train the Trainer course through Pretoria University, and the Driver Instructor Training course through CENETS at Potchefstroom University. His area of operation is the Johannesburg Magisterial District, Code B and C1.